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Calendar date: 1st March 2010.
Actual date: We don’t remember as we thought of thing like this way before. We are a bunch of friends growing day by day with every post you people are typing in (Thanks in advance for that).

“A trouble shared is a trouble halved & the knowledge shared is knowledge gained”.  We welcome you all to share your skills and knowledge, we will really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Please feel free write your views/suggestions about the site at: Suggestions or Request Forum topic
Contact us at admin@aliencoders.org or write your query in our forum topic called Site Specific“.

It’s a site where you can share and learn!! The world of coding is no more alien with Alien Coders on roll!!
Be on the ball, run with the ball, start the ball rolling, keep the ball rolling but you don’t have much time left so ball the jack, but don’t blow your shot by rushing but also don’t drop the ball and stay away from carrying the ball.

If you have very nice topic to present within the technical people, you can share with us. Be the team members and you will be then  allowed to post or to modify contents. Be sure you are not spreading spams here and you are writing technical contents which can be useful for our readers. And anyone can comment there.
The topics in which we are writing now, are Programming languages like C,PHP, Perl, JAVA, Web stuffs. Operating system based issues or solutions, security based articles, new technology or platform articles can be seen in this section

A place where all software professionals or IT aspirants or interested guys can raise their questions, can discuss on any technical matter with an efficient way. All possible categories and already formed there, where members can start discussion on relevant topic related to corresponding forum section. Mainly we are concentrating on providing solutions based on coding either its programming languages or web designing issues.
Information Security Issues like antivirus, virus, firewalls, spamming spoofing, tools used in securing the system etc.


Our quiz section is little unique than other quiz based websites in terms of asking questions. We emphasize on practical questions rather than concentrating on theoretical based questions.

Quizzes are based on different platforms, technologies, programming languages. It is having topic wise quizzes, level wise quizzes and on demand quizzes too. We mainly concentrate on those quizzes which can help CS/IT students in understanding the concepts, would help them in placement and professionals can prepare themselves for interviews too. It will help faculties too. They can ask/show our questions to their students while teaching those subject/topics/technologies.

If you have some sets of questions on any technical topics, please mail us . So that we can review those questions and can post along with your credits.


We post pdf files, ppts, documents related seminars and projects either submitted by students, faculties, professionals or collected by our team members.
If you have any good technical seminar or projects that you need to post at our website, feel free to write mail to us or join our website as registered user and post by yourself.

We concentrate mostly on latest technologies, research happening in  Computer Science/IT or ECE streams. Like HTML5, Network Security, Importance of Perl scripting for automating the task etc.

We started this section in this year and we are trying to post latest job referrals that we get directly from employees or employers. So, users will get 100% response to their mails and percentage of getting selected  will be at max, because it will a direct referrals for them.

Those who are working in different MNCs, PSUs, government sectors can post jobs that are being notified to them through their employers. In this way we can enhance better job opportunity and can reduce time of any employers in finding and arranging the interviews by providing faster response. Keep sharing \m/.

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