Fix Millennium Bug or y2038 Bug

Millennium Bug or y2038 Bug in Unix Machine This post is dedicated to backend programmers mainly and especially who are involved with *nix machine(s) or Macintosh as well. It is similar to Y2K only where in many older machines, the year 2000 was treated as it starts from 1900 again. This time it is with …

How to fix redirect issue in WordPress

Problem: By mistake user “Changed the WordPress address URL” in General Settings and now user cannot login nor access the admin page. User may not even access the database, but still user can access the login page i.e. site-name/wp-login.php Solution: We can fix “Too many redirect issue” in various way without touch Database or without …

WordPress 4.0.1 got released with many security updates

WordPress 4.0 was released 2 months back on 4th September, 2014 (Oh My Birthday 😉 ) and there were 8 security bug fix patched in security update in WordPress Version 4.0.1 on 20th November,2014. It has not only affected WordPress 4.0. It has affected other lower versions as well. Latest release fixes following vulnerabilities:
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