WordPress 4.0.1 got released with many security updates

WordPress 4.0 was released 2 months back on 4th September, 2014 (Oh My Birthday 😉 ) and there were 8 security bug fix patched in security update in WordPress Version 4.0.1 on 20th November,2014. It has not only affected WordPress 4.0. It has affected other lower versions as well. Latest release fixes following vulnerabilities:

Data Privacy Assessment-Key Areas

Data Privacy Assessments – Key Areas Area 1: Transparency When the user information is collected from individuals, are they made aware of the uses for that information? Are Individuals made aware of any disclosures of their Personal Information to third parties? Have we obtained people’s consent for any secondary uses of their personal data, which …

Keypoints for Auditing a Data Center

Auditing a Data Centre – Key points Data centres house the data, applications and access critical to the success of many businesses. Our data centre must be secure and resilient in order to keep our enterprise running at maximum productivity, protecting our profitability, productivity and reputation. The audit or health checks (in terms of Information …
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