Participate in CodeVita 2014 – TCS Global Coding Contest

Are you a coder? Do you want to show off your programming skills and test them against other coders?
CodeVita is here for you! This coding contest from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) lets you pit your skills against contestants around the globe. Get started now! Registrations are open for students from India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay.
Official link:
Twitter link:
Facebook link:

But first, the rules
CodeVita is a team contest. Each team must have two members. Each member has to register individually in order to participate.The contest will have three rounds of coding.

Registration details

Codevita is a global contest and in order to participate in this contest a participant must follow the below steps:

1) Create a profile on the TCS Career portal. (If you have already created your profile, please ignore this step.)

  • If you are a student currently studying in an institution based in India, register on the TCS Next Step portal. Ensure that you create your profile as a Campus/Off Campus applicant. 
  • If you are a student currently studying in an institution in any other country (except India), then create your profile here.

2) Login to Next Step portal.

3) Launch the Campus Commune platform

4) Register for the Contest

  • Click on the CodeVita banner on the Campus Commune homepage to register for the contest.
  • Note down your secret code. You will need it to sign into the CodeVita contest platform.

5) Form your Team

  • Form a two member team to participate in the contest

6) Login to the CodeVita Coding Platform and participate in the contest

To warm up for the contest, you can participate in a practice round before the main event.

Look at the contest calender below  for details on the practice and contest rounds.

Note: For Indian students, the contest is open to students in the batches of 2015,16,17 and 18.

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Gmail increased file attachment limit-[How to use]

Gmail Increased File upload limitI think majority of us use Gmail for mailing purpose at present followed by Hotmail , Yahoo and so on. In my previous post I had mentioned the Features of different mail providers and Minimal Reasons to choose Gmail for personal mailing system.

There are lots of reasons to choose mail providers, and the attachment size is definitely one of the top reasons to be considered. Recently, Google started to allow file attachment till 10 GB! Of course, there is something that you had to know before using large files as attachment.  I will try to provide an overview on how this large file size email attachment works in Gmail.

  1. First open your Gmail account and click on compose button which is at left top corner (Obviously you know it!).  After that you will see one text with the link written as “try out new compose experience.” Don’t worry, if you can’t see this text with your Gmail Account. They are experimenting now with some accounts, so very soon it will be available for your account too! Here is the screenshot for that.
Try new compose link Gmail
  1. Click on the link provided, then you will be redirected again to compose your mail in new format which allows large size file attachment. First time you will see an introduction screen. Once you click “Got It”, you will be allowed to compose a new mail.
New Compose layout introduction
  1. You will be able to view new compose layout at right bottom corner like this, which have Cc, Bcc just below from and all other options at below like draft mode, text options, attachment options which I will show you in next screenshot
New Compose Layout Gmail
  1. After composing mail properly, here comes the fabulous job to attach High Definition Movie or Software in iso format ( more than 700 MB! ) or for e-books whose sizes are greater than 30 MB as I store many e-books in either Hard Drive or Dropbox and now at Google Drive 😀
When you hover  mouse over “+” icon it will expand and will show you something like this
attach from Drive option in Gmail

Now, this is what Google does to attach larger file sizes, It is actually allowing you to insert files from Google Drive where you can store file of any size which is now upto 10 GB for each file. Before this also I was doing the same. I was uploading files to  which is now being redirected as

  1. To upload file size bigger than 25 MB and upto 10GB, you need to click on Google drive icon shown at the above image, then you will see something like this. You can upload files directly from your hard disk or using Google drive. It clearly mention you can upload files upto 10GB in size stored in Drive 😀 (But you will have only 5GB space in your drive!)
Final Attachment Google Drive
  1. Once you will upload file(s) successfully, you will have two options before sending, “Share & Send” or “Send without sharing”. Send without sharing means even you mail the attachment to the person; he/she will not be allowed to open. To open that attached file you need to give proper permission to that person. So better click on “Share & Send” option.
Send Option in Gmail
  1. But before clicking on “Share & send” button you need to share it with specific permission which you can do either by clicking “Can View” or “more option” just above the “Share & send” button as shown in the above example.  If you click on “More option”, you will be able to see something like this

Now share with caution and then send it to the concerned person.

  1. If you don’t like, new compose layout or for experiment purpose you opted for newer layout then you can opt for older compose style by clicking on down triangle shaped icon then click on “Switch back to old compose” and Done!
More option in new compose Gmail
Question: Google advertises that I can upload file size upto 10GB, then why I have only 5 GB quota?
Answer:  In Google help page, they have mentioned clearly that this upload limit is of course bigger than free quota user, so one needs to purchase additional Google Drive. It also explains that what kind of file type can be uploaded and opened using Gmail attachment. I would suggest you to go through Google Help page before uploading anything or before purchasing any plans.

Here is the Google Drive Purchase plan:
Purchase Google drive plan
This link explains how to purchase Google Drive in details.
Few things to note down:

  • General attachment still allows only upto 25MB
  • For free account holder, one can upload upto 5GB file at max
  • To upload even more than 5Gb at a time you need to consider to upgrade package which I mentioned above
  • I personally didn’t like new compose layout, although it looks good in most cases. What I didn’t like is, It’s hard to figure out to change email id while sending ( as I have 3 accounts associated with it ) or to edit subject
  • I will still prefer old compose layout and will share larger files by uploading files directly to Google Drive instead of using mail layout
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Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII: Prone to a New Security Vulnerability

Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII: Prone to a New Security Vulnerability
Samsung Galaxy SII and SIIIIn a recent demonstration by a security researcher, it was found out that Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII smart phones were vulnerable to being remotely wiped off their memory. In this regard, for the owners of these devices the precursor is here, you may want to watch your ways, especially when opening internet links that you receive through QR, NFC or Push messages.

A researcher in the Security in Communications department at Technical University Berlin, Ravi Borgaonkar, manifested this particular vulnerability at the Ekoparty security conference, Argentina. According to him, the manner in which the devices make use of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data leaves them conveniently open to exploitation through a single line of malicious code embedded in a web page. The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (also USSD) is basically what is used to transmit messages between an application server and a phone.

How does that work?
The malicious code as discussed above can be made use of in order to trigger the factory reset for the Galaxy SIII device. If the code is embedded in a single frame it will automatically lead a factory reset that does not have to be initiated by the user. Nonetheless, merely browsing a website with the embedded code does not result in triggering the reset, rather opening it through NFC, WAP Push SMS or QR does. As soon as the website link in the message opens, the wipe is started.

The techie take
Some techie responded rather optimistically to the news and thought that the weakness would not do much damage. The underlying argument was that many hackers will not go into frenzy over wiping a few phones, considering many consumers use Cloud Backups with their devices and it will be an exercise in futility as the users will simply be able to reverse the oh-so clever move. Still, the concern was that is there anything more that can come out from this exploit, because if there is than not opening a link that you didn’t call for would be a better idea.

The company’s response
Following the entire kerfuffle over the issue, Samsung finally responded and claimed that the issue was resolved. A spokesperson from the South Korean company explained that the vulnerability was now patched but failed to mention when exactly was it fixed and which version of the software was secure for now.

All that was given out was an assurance to the consumers that the recently discovered security weakness concerning Galaxy SIII was patched through a software update, recommending all the users of this device to download the latest software update. It can be done simply and rapidly using the over the air service, according to the company.

 While that might be a reason for Galaxy SIII owners to sleep well at nights, what about the ones with other smart phones, the SII inclusive. According to the rumors the problem stemmed out from the TouchWiz UI as opposed to merely the Galaxy SIII. Well, the company has not responded in this vein, so for now, the Galaxy SIII users who feel reassured can sleep well and others can, perhaps take pill or go on trying to dodge the bullets of this demon as they do Android spy apps, mobile spy software and the like.

Author Bio: James Clark has been in the business of providing quality information on cell phone monitoring for a while now. He's an expert at all things spyware, but his main forte is iPhone spyware which has captured the interest of many.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 – First Look

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13When you have a product named Yoga, you know you can expect some impressive physical contortion. And that's exactly the case with Lenovo's new IdeaPad Yoga 13 – the technology giant's Windows 8-enabled foray in the hybrid computer domain.

The specialty of this device is that its screen, in laptop form, can be tilted all the way back and behind to enable it to function as a tablet! But that's not the Yoga 13's only highlight by any "stretch" of the imagination – here’s a more detailed look featuring the Intel Core i5 model:

The aforementioned flip-back screen is undoubtedly the conspicuous physical facet and indeed useful. However, the pivot holding the screen is a bit loose, which may cause some stability and operating issues.
The Yoga 13 bears a pleasing black and silver chassis with the prominent Lenovo logo embossed on the screen lid.  The hybrid computer is 13.1 inches (expectedly) long, 8.9 inches wide, and 0.67 inches in depth. While these dimensions are commendable for a laptop configuration, things aren't quite so sanguine on the tablet front – the Yoga 13 feels awkward and unwieldy when in tablet form. The sizeable 3.4-pound weight doesn't help matters much either.      

The 13.3-inch display is, although not completely high definition, still impressive at a 1600 by 900-pixel top resolution. Further, the screen boasts a widescreen viewing mode as also IPS capacitive knowhow making the viewed content extremely vivid and amenable to touch responses. The physical AccuType-enabled keyboard, save for a few unusually cramped keys, is adequate while the touchpad is above average. Incidentally, the physical keyboard automatically disables itself when the tablet form is activated. 
Ports and Connectivity
The Yoga 13 is armed with a fair mixture of connectivity choices to permit quick and easy sharing of data. These functionalities include:

  • USB (2.0) port
  • USB (3.0) port
  • Combination port
  • HDMI port
  • SD and MMC card slot

In addition, the hybrid computer also possesses Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth linking abilities for heightened user convenience. The only minor gripe is that the power port is shaped like a USB port sometimes leading to confusion.

  • The Yoga 13 runs on a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 (3317U) processor and also have an Integrated Intel HD Graphics (4000) card thereby rendering decent performance and agility.
  • Besides the device is equipped with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) further enhancing its overall functionality.    

As mentioned earlier, the Yoga 13 ships with the all-new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, which has already impressed technology enthusiasts with its adaptability, speed, and spruced-up interface.   
The included battery is commodious and is capable of sustaining the device for a good 5 hours of moderate use.

The Yoga 13 also comes with the ensuing neat functions:

  • The capability to control multimedia functions through motions using the provided web camera
  • The ability to recover quickly from a flawed state using OneKey
  • A distinctive element that keeps the system surprisingly cool at all times.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 has the features and a special new-age feel about it to lure customers, especially those not overly concerned with its "above $1000" price tag.

Allan Goltz likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for – a site that offers savings and current information on charter tv.

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[tips] How to use Google Search efficiently

I am using Google Search engine almost all the time since 2006 and learned lots of things to manipulate Google search in much easier way. I know I am little late to share this and you will have lots of such posts over the internet. But, presentation and thoughts for the same things are always different for different authors.  I would basically show you the real power of Google Search engine and strong evidence to prove that why I love and prefer Google Search Only 😀
More than 80% internet users use Google Search engines followed by Bing then Yahoo etc…
You can download the pdf version of this article from here

Results Taken from to show you how Google has captured the search engine market share 😀

market share of search engines

Without wasting your time let’s dive into Google’s real power. I will demonstrate every possible situation with a scenario and how to get benefit of that scenario using Google Search Engine.
Example 1
You need to know what all things you searched using Google Search engine i.e.
History of what you browsed till date. What you will do?

Answer is simple, either type or;  you will be able to see the search strings that you used to search using Google Search.
Link for Google History: (make sure you are logged in using Google account)
 Google History
Example 2
What you will do, if you would see a mail in different language? Or somebody sent you few lines in chat that you didn’t understand and seem Latin & Greek to you? Or somebody updated their Facebook status in different language and you wish to respond in the same language?
Once again Google search is there to help you in doing so. Use Google’s inbuilt Language translator. Here is the link for Google translator:
Google Translator
Example 3
Do you want to know Flight timings?
If you type flights, then it will display you all flights leaving from your location. It gets your remote location using IP Address. Ex: flights or flight
Flights search result

If you want to know flight from one location to another type flights from location1 to location2
Ex:  flights form Hyderabad to Kolkata
flights from to search result
Example 4
Do you want to know my best online dictionary?
Yes, it’s Google again. Just type define: word
Ex: define: obfuscated

define search result

Example 5
What if you don’t know the correct spelling or misspelled some words?
Don’t worry now Google is damn smart to rectify it automatically and will display you result for the correct one.  If you didn’t mean what Google shows, still you have option to search for whatever you typed.

Example 6
Is it rainy season or sunny at Dhanbad? Do you need to know weather forecast where you live or any place?
1.   Type weather only to show weather information where you live ex: weather
weather search result
2.   Type weather for place-name or weather place-name for that particular place. Ex: weather Redmond or Weather for Dhanbad
weather for place name

Example 7
Do you want to know the time of a place?
1.   Type time only to see your local time ex: time
time search result
2.   Type time in place-name or simply time place-name ex: time in Redmond

time for place search result

Example 8
It’s movie time dude!
Type movie at search box and it will display all movies in all theatres nearby your places. Ex: movie
movies search result

movie movie-name will display that movie list in all theatres Ex: movie taken 2
 movie movie-name

movie movie-name for place-name will display movie in that place in all theatres of that movie. Ex: movie resident evil retribution for Bangalore
movie movie-name place-name
movie for place-name to display all movies in that place in all theatres: movie for City of Brussels

 movie for place-name
Example 9
I want to use Google as a converter either its mass converter or volume or digital storage etc.
Just type subject1 to  subject2

i.e. Celcius to farenhite or
Ton to kg or Byte to bit

Google Converter

Example 10
Did you see my online Calculator?
Actually it’s yours also, in real it’s Google’s 😛 Just type calculator to see what I meant.
Google calculator
Example 11
Do you want an exact search result whatever you have typed?

Then, type phrases in double quotation to do so. Ex: “I am a blogger”

exact phrase search result

Now, before going ahead, we need to know few terms which will be used during Goggle Search. These terms may not seem very useful to common users but it will be very informative and useful for tech savvy and Information Security Community (Bad and Good both).

·         inurl
It will display the pages which will have certain keyword in links i.e. url

Ex: inurl:signup
 inurl search result
·         allinurl
This will display all links/url which will have all given keywords in their urls. It will be useful when you need to search only those websites which will meet given criteria. Like show all links which will have any connection with vim related stuffs under Linux.
ex: allinurl: linux vim
 allinurl search result
·         intitle
It will allow to search the text used in title of any webpage. Ex: intitle:Linux
If you use more than one word then, it will search the first word in title and other words anywhere either in title or contents. Ex:intitle: Linux vim grep and check the result.

If you want to search all the terms in title only, you need to use other option i.e. allintitle 😀
 intitle search result
·         allintitle
It will allow searching all listed words in title of any webpage. Suppose, you wish to see only those web pages which have CCNA, Questions and TCP keywords in their title.  Ex: allintitle:CCNA Questions TCP
Compare the result with above option i.e. intitle
·         intext

It display all results which is being included in intext command and ignores to search for that keyword in links/urls or titles. So use it wisely. If you wish to see in link or title too use other options along with it J like intext:help intitle:perl  inurl:hack
     intext search result

·        allintext
It will display only those pages which will contain all the mentioned words in that web page. Ex: allintext: map grep perl
    allintext Search Results
·         filetype

This will restrict Google to show only those links which will have those filetype in that urls/links
Suppose you want to find out all doc files over internet or any links which will either have pdf or ppt and will have LTE keyword in title
Ex: filetype:pdf OR filetype:ppt intitle:LTE
       filetype search result

·         site
It shows the result for given phrase within given websites only. It is useful when you wish to search something in a particular website like perl in
ex: Perl or intitle:perl to find all titles having perl in it under website

     site search result

·         related
It will list all the pages which are similar to the given website. Sometime we know about one website and we are looking other useful websites similar to that, by that time it will be really helpful.  Ex:
      related search result

·         cache
It will display the page that Google has already in its cache. It can be updated one or outdated one. It will be useful when you want to see something from old site which may not exist now or have deleted that content.
cache:url-name keyword(optional)
There should not be any gap between cache: and url. If keyword is provided, then it will highlight those words while displaying the page.
Example 12
Need to search particular file type like doc or pdf or torrent or sql or cfg or php?
 Want to search torrent file for a movie name then use filetype:extension
Ex: iron man 2 filetype:torrent
Example 13
Want to search within a particular site of some known file type which some phrase in it?
Suppose I want to check all doc files under in domain or gov domain which has confidential word anywhere as title or link or text etc.
Type site: site-name or tld filtype:file-extension keyword
Ex: filetype:doc site:in confidential  or check another example of filetype mentioned above
Example 14
Want to search related pages similar to this site
Try using related:url-name to locate similar websites. There should not be any space between relate: and site name
Ex: or
Example 15
Want to ignore something from your search?
Use – ex: highlight important words using double quotes and ignore words using – in front of that word
i.e. fish “curry”  mustard-onion
Example 16
Need to know email id?
All Gmail ids stored in excel sheet and contains IISc. keyword too filetype:xls IISc
All IISc official ids filetype:xls IISc
Official email id of specific person stored in either doc or pdf or xls format filetype:xls  OR filetype:doc OR filetype:pdf    "Anil Kumar Sharma" or filetype:xls  OR filetype:doc OR filetype:pdf    "AnubhavSinha"
Example 17
Want to find key/patches of software?
Try typing crack:software-name version
Ex: crack:Camtasia Studio v8.0.2.918
Example 18
We need to list all urls which has indexing enabled and contain perl related stuffs in chm or pdf format.
Using “Index of ” syntax to find sites enabled with Index browsing

Ex: index of /ebooks intext:pdf OR intext:chm perl

Index of search result

How it plays an important role for hacker/crackers/penetration testers?

It can be used to gather the basic information required for further process of hacking or penetration testing of any websites. According to my experience, this would be the part of social engineering.
They will not do anything. They will just combine one or more such techniques shown above to get desired result. Like password file, configuration file, database details, server details etc.

Some more tips:

  • Google search is not case-sensitive, so don’t bother about case stuffs
  • Use lesser words to get accurate and more results
  • Use web friendly word like headache instead of my head is paining
  • Punctuation marks never matter for Google search. (bad news for grammar pedantic 😛 )

Source (I got some help from here too!)
We have uploaded it's pdf version at too! Those who wish to read it or download it from there, they can do that very well.

Author: Sanjeev Kumar Jaiswal (Jassi)
Email id: (feel free to mail or comment on this article)
Facebook Page:
Twitter :

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Why Does Your Small Business Need A CRM Software?

Do you wonder whether your business needs a CRM software? CRM Customer Relationship Management software is used widely to keep intact of the contacts of your customers, sales prospects and clients. The customized  CRM software does the job very effeciently which otherwise manually can get hassled. It is a software that helps in synchronizing and organizing sales leads, company's marketing structure. CRM is used to manage customer and technical support. Customer relationship management is used to describe company's long term business strategy and gauge customer relationship.


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Google Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean Review

Google Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean Review
Google Nexus with Jelly BeanFor gadget crazy geeks, like me, news about any gadget launch is enough to make our day. But this is not ‘any new gadget’. This is Google’s Nexus 7 that has stormed the scene. Before you decide whether this is an answer to the already cluttered tablet market, with Apple’s iPad and Microsoft’s Surface sharing the top slot, it is time we got to the crux of Google’s Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean.  

Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean, the first tablet in the Google Nexus family, is pretty impressive to look at. Not that we didn’t expect it. The first thing you notice is its soft matte rubberized finish which feels extremely good in your palms (you’ll be spending hours holding it in your hands). The front has the much needed scratch resistant Corning glass. It is great work by its hardware manufacturer, Asus, for building a neat 7 inch easy-to-carry tablet.
The display is amazing with colors being evenly distributed. Although it doesn’t have Retina Display, the 216 pixels per inch touch screen provides for a vibrant display. And one more aspect that’ll pop to your eye is that it has only one camera in the front. But for the price it is offered at, you can’t complain.

It is the first tablet that operates on Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’. Yes, for those of you who don’t belong to the gadget crazy geek family, Jelly Bean may sound odd appearing here. To put your doubts to rest, Jelly Bean is an update on Google’s mobile OS.

Let us now delve in to Nexus 7 Jelly Bean’s features.

  • It has a 1280 x 800 HD display with a Quad Core Tetra Processor.
  • It comes with an 8GB/16GB memory.
  • With Project Butter, the operating system functions as smooth as butter.
  • It is quicker, cleaner and just better.
  • You also get a voice assistant (more like Siri from Apple) called Google Now.
  • Nexus 7 is also the first device from Google that has Google Chrome as its home page.
If playing games or simply surfing is what you are looking for, then you don’t have to look beyond Nexus 7. Thanks to the improved Android Jelly Bean, response to touch has become a lot smoother and quicker. What could be a catch here though, is the lack of apps designed for smaller tablets. Nexus 7 lacks a MicroSD slot, a rear camera, and a much needed expandable memory which could prove to be the deal breaker for many.

All said and done, this is one clean and affordable tablet. The bottom line: Nexus 7 is an extremely well designed tablet. With Jelly Bean, it is the closest one can get in terms of refinement and speed a 7 inch tablet can get. May we give the verdict now; it is time to place your order for Nexus 7.

This is a guest post by Samantha Kirk of, a site that offers savings and current information on Toshiba Support.

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