Video on basic terms to know in Drupal

This video covers all the basic terminology which a Drupal users should know. I installed Drupal 7.15  online using bluehost  web hosting services and then explained all the options which an Administrator will see after logging in.
Here is our previous video on youtube:

Topics which I tried to explain are:

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How to enable user profile in Drupal 7

If you are making a website using Drupal 6.x (I am using Drupal 6.24), then you can add/edit/delete user profile settings very easily by accessing this link: http://your-site-name/admin/user/profile

But, the Profile module is deprecated in Drupal 7, because it is already integrated to Drupal 7. Although, it is still there in hidden mode to provide an upgrade path for Drupal 6 sites that used it or if you are still living in Drupal 6.x world

In Drupal 7 you can find inbuilt profile module under: http://your-site-name/admin/config/people/accounts/fields
But, I assure you it will confuse you more (at least I got confused and didn’t had courage to experiment on it) and you will not be able to add your personal and professionals tab etc 😀

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Step By Step Video Tutorial on Drupal 7 Installation

I have already discussed on the basic part of Drupal like:

This video deals with:

  • Drupal 7 Installation (Drupal 7.14 )
  • Solution of the problems we faced during its installation like

  1. Memory Issue – ho to change 8MB to 16 or 32 MB
  2. MySQL option is not showing up (radio button is not showing for it)
  3. How to use, check and create database for Drupal 7 use

Hope you will like this video and it will help you to install Drupal 7 (v7.14) without any hassle. Keep sharing the good work \m/

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Video on Drupal for beginners

This video is about Drupal basics for beginners. Those who don't know what is Drupal ? what is CMS? Here is the small introduction on it. Please read before going through this video tutorials.
In this video listed features have been dealt with:

  • Prerequisites before using Drupal Based CMS.
  • Small introduction about WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL and PHP)
  • Drupal’s official website from where you can download Drupal latest version CMS, all modules and themes
  • After downloading and setting up WAMP , it deals with installation process
  • some common issues with Drupal while installation like

    • settings.php file missing, copy default.settings.php and rename it as settings.php in the same folder
    • 8MB memory issue, how to increase it to 16MB
    • MySQL Database missing problem
  • After installing, this video deals with little introduction of block, menu, themes and modules
  • How to post content in blog and forum section
  • How to make dropdown menu items under Aquia Marina theme

In the next video we will elaborate usages of each and every topic like profiles, taxonomy, pathuato, system logs,  file uploads, comments, content type, user management etc.

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