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3 Easiest methods to make gmail your default Email Client

Love for GmailSometimes you don't need a bulky program just for sending an email like MS outlook, isn't it? And gmail lover would rather prefer sending any mail through their gmail account right? Sometimes you just need to send a website link, or just a screen-shot of  current web page  it really doesn't make much sense to start Outlook for these tiny things.

If you see any emailto: field, that will prompt you to open MS outlook by default which is annoying sometimes. (I really don't like). So if you click on that emailto: (say an example), it would rather shoot gmail instead of MS outlook. You can do this in three different easiest ways:

  1. Tweaking Firefox settings:

    • Click on  tools-> option
    • Click on Application tab
    • You will see content type and action column. Search for mailto content type and choose gmail from drop-down option against mailto column (you can choose yahoo mail or any other email client too)
    • I would prefer this method over any other methods, because there is no need to install any extra application.
    • It will work only if firefox is opened for sending mail
  2. Using Google-talk settings:

    • Double click on the Google Talk icon in the system tray(you need not to be logged in)
    • Click on the Settings link and go to general tab option
    • Now check the “Open Gmail when I click on email links” box in the Settings window.
    • Click “OK” and You are done hurray!
    • Many people use gtalk, so this is also fine and i would give it second preference
  3. Using Gmail notifier:

    • You need to have Gmail notifier installed in your system
    • Right click on its system tray icon
    • Select the Options menu and tick the box next to “Use Gmail for internet mailto: links”.
    • Select your favorite browser in the drop down menu and you are done now.
    • You may get error saying  “Cannot connect to your mailbox. and it always have an unnecessary pop-up to prompt whenever you try to connect gmail at startup.


    Personally i avoid installing unnecessary application, if that work will get accomplished by other easier way, isn't it. i would use Gmail notifier when i will not have any option (which will never happen unless and until Firefox or gtalk is there :P)

Firefox and Google Talk settings images:Gmail option in Firefox  Gtalk settings for gmail I hope you will surely like this. need your comments! Happy Alien browsing 🙂

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