5 Alternatives of Adsense for Your Blog

5 Alternatives of Adsense for Your Blog
Many webmasters started to use AdSense, but some of them consider it as unsafe or to annoying. It is true that Google can sometimes drive you mad, especially because of their lack of response when it comes to customer services. However, as there are alternative programs to AdSense, and some of them might be more rewarding.

 This is a strong AdSense alternative, as you can include ads and banners from ClickBank and PayDotCom in many formats and dimensions. Those include text announcements, previews of products and ads with small announcements that are really effective in promoting small businesses. Moreover, skiDoogle has full ClickBank support, allowing you to implement the market place of this program. You can select keywords on your website, and also a list with all the products of the respective category. The ads are translated and stored in 6 international languages.
 It has a large gamma of clients to choose the announcements for. In other words, whether you have a website in the niche of web design, or toys for kids, AllFeeds will find an ad suited with your preferences. This includes banners, reports and the state of the announcements in real time. The site will send you the money each month, with the condition of having more than 25 $ in your account. Otherwise, the earnings will be reported for the next month. Another interesting aspect is the fact that this program can be combined with AdSense, offering complete integration.
Just like AdSense, Bidvertiser displays ads and banners on your site. However, the difference is that advertisers will bid for your space, and this is how your earnings are maximized. In other words, if you have an interesting blog, only the bidders that find your page interesting will be allowed to place bids on your website, and this means a fruitful collaboration between both parts. Moreover, you will also be able to customize the ads, using the different tools put at your disposal.
Quigo AdSonar
It is based on relevance, and this relevance is obtained by applying a filter considering the categories of the websites. Moreover, it also offers online reports about the status of the website, and about the possibility to add your customized ad, and you will also have the possibility to replace the ads that are not so rewarding. The settings look like the ones of AdSense, and this is why it is so easy to use.
Vibrant Media IntelliTXT offers ads that are activated by the users, by highlighting certain keywords in the content of the page. The relevant ads are displayed when the visitor places the cursor in the area of the keyword. The payment is made considering the performance of the website, and it can be easily combined with other publicity methods. It is a method that allows full control for the users, and the ads are easily inserted on the website, with a simple JavaScript application. 
Those are only the most interesting advertising programs today, but you can find literally hundreds of other programs, each one of them with its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.
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