5 Key Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems

Telecommunication systems around the world have experienced immense changes in the recent past. The complex old PBX systems are being replaced with the latest digital phones that both improve the office ergonomics and offer advanced telephony features. Businesses around the world are migrating to the latest telephony system like VoIP and IP. The advantages and the features being offered by VoIP make it one of the most sought after telephone technology in the world. Low cost of operations and user-friendly interface of VoIP has made it a champion among business owners who want to whittle down their calling expenses.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that transform analog signal to a digital signal and transmit the same over the secured IP network. The transformation of analog to digital signals helps the system break down the digital signal into packets, which are then transmitted over a secured network. VoIP has changed the way we communicated and now the employees as well as the customers can stay in touch with anyone on the same network. VoIP has led many companies to experience better productivity and higher growth. There are several advantages that VoIP offer and some of the most popular ones are mobility and higher cost savings.

Some of the advanced features offered by a VoIP system are Call Conferencing, Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Software integration, Bypass taxes, and low rates on long distance calls. The 5 key benefits of VoIP phone systems are listed below:
1)      Integration with Audio, video and data application – Businesses would be able to integrate applications like email, fax, video conference and webinars their telephone systems. Making a call while surfing the internet is a dream for those who are into multitasking and it can come true with the use of VoIP technology only. This would help the businesses save several hundred dollars per annum.

2)      Selection of the region code is the customer’s discretion – This is perfect for the businesses that have multiple offices at different locations. This would allow all the offices to select one region code. Thus, they would be able to make all calls like local calls. There are many VoIP service providers who extend their region codes to multiple nations too.

3)      Highly efficient and great money saver – The VoIP systems are really efficient as the subscribers are able to make calls without any hassles. The user-friendly systems make it easier for anyone to use the system without any technical training. The VoIP system is really cheap when compared to the traditional phones. Long distance calls costs almost 1/3rd of what it used to cost on traditional lines.

4)      Higher Flexibility – VoIP facilitates the use of the system from any part of the world. The subscriber would be able use the VoIP service wherever there is an internet connection. For instance, VoIP can be used from the confines of an office as well as when one is holidaying on a cruise! Ultimate flexibility is the mantra for VoIP.

5)      Free Functions come with the package – Now, VoIP comes loaded with free functions like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Voice Mail, Call Return, Call Block and Call Waiting.
About the Author
Michelle Patterson lives in Michigan and is a telecom business consultant.  She advises small and medium size businesses about technology and how they can take advantage of it.

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