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5 minimal reasons to write blog

blog powerNow a day almost every internet user is having one’s personal website or blogging website. Even if you are not having one, sooner or later you will be having your own blogging website for sure.
What minimal things are there which will force you to write blog?
According to me, it should be:

  1. write blogTo show your presence over internet

Blogging is one of the best ways to be famous amongst netizens.  Which means you will be popular amongst your locality, company, school/college, country or all over the world.

  • Who doesn’t want to be famous (of course for good reasons only)?
  • Who doesn’t want fans, fame, respect, followers?

Just being a blogger can give you all these. So start writing blog!

 2. To get in touch with like minded people

blog networkIf you are from biology background or say economics or like me a networking freak guy, Web developer etc. You may want to be in touch with people of same profession and of same taste. Internet is the fastest way to grow your own community rather than joining any club near your home! Even your neighbor will meet you most of the time over internet. More networks mean more knowledge you can gain and more efficiently you can put your point over the internet crowd.
Remember, Internet is the fastest way of communication than TV or newspaper!

3. blog addictedShow off your knowledge and get rewarded online

Who doesn’t like to hear praising words like:

  • You saved my day
  • You are genius
  • You are guru in your field
  • I am lucky to have you as my mentor and so on

 Show off (Share in general sense) whatever you know related to your domain. Let’s say being a JavaScript programmer, you can post tutorials, can post your experiments etc. More you will share, more you will learn in two ways:   

  • Just to write a single blog on small topic, you would do a lot research before publishing it which ultimately is going to help you to hone your skills.
  • More you will share more expert comments you will get and other people would share too. i.e. like share one learn multi stuffs principle

                          You may be popular like Linus or Richard Stallman or name any one of your favorite role models.  

 4. Earn  some  bucks from it

write blog for moneyMany part time and full time blogger are even earning more than $2000 per month just from blogging. You can be the example too!. You should write quality blog, should gain user’s trust and keep updating latest stuffs from your domain regularly. That’s it!
Putting Google ad sense, local advertisements, affiliation program, joining few CPC programs can give you what you want from your blog (Of course I meant money only)

If by writing what you like, you can earn money then what’s the harm in it. Let the money come in 😛

 5. Will enhance your skills significantly

As already I discussed about it in my 3rd point that writing quality blog can give not only name & fame but money too! Find your best part that you can show to the whole world by writing blogs. It’s not necessary that it should be technical only and only technical people can have blog.
Any one can handle and manage blogging based website. Check BlogSpot, wordpress etc for better understandings.
You can have blogs on food items, dressing style, music reviews, book reviews, city updates etc.

So, when you are going to publish your own blog?


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