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5 ways to socialize effectively through Google+

Google+Life is enriched by actively participating in the society. As you know, there are innumerable ways to maintain contacts, communicate and share information through social networking sites. Of late blows the whistle, Google+, being cooked by imaginative Google engineers who are testing and letting tasted by select few user invites, has already spread fumes out. Google+ can help you socialize in a better way.
If you are not sure about the how to’s of Google plus, this tutorial on Google+ will be of help.

Better contact management

The first step to socialize is maintaining contacts. You can easily maintain groups in different circles. Friend contacts can be placed under friends circle, family members can be placed under family circle and co-workers can be placed under employee circles and fans can be placed under fans circles.

You can name a circle as you want. Interactions will be made on a circle basis. What you post in one circle will not reflect in other circle. You can add your friend both in employee circle and friend circle in which case he gets information from both circles. Using circles you can bring friends from other networks like Facebook and Twitter also.

Sharing information

Sharing of information is vital to be social. Sparks is an interesting feature through which you can gather information on various topics of interest. In fact, the Google+ search engine will gather interesting links on its own just by opting the topics of your choice. You can share music, photos, videos and links with a single circle or all circles.

Google is planning to promote music in a big way including sharing, offering live music performance and group listening parties. If you post some interesting or useful piece of item which may be text or image or video, members from your circles can comment on it. By actively approving the comments or replying the comments, you can make it a live platform.

You can even write blogs on your own and start uploading them! Here lies the great opportunity to promote yourself or your products and services, although Google+ does not support business officially as of now.

Face to Face (F2F) Chat

Don’t you love talking with your loved ones, as if you are right in front of them? With ‘Hangouts’ you can gather yourself for video face to face chat. Multiple people can participate in this anytime and anywhere. With video chat, you can share and explain things in a better way, better understand the feelings of other people by closely watching them. If you are bored and no one is readily available, you can watch YouTube videos too while on hangout.

Instant Messaging

If you want to be in touch with your friends through simple text messages, you can do so through ‘Huddle’. You will be able to send short messages to individual or circle.

Of course, you and the one who receives need to use Android application to achieve this. When you invite a new person to the conference, he will be able to access the context from the time of his joining only.

Social gaming

Social gaming is going to be a big boon in the coming days. Google+ is on the way to create an altogether new platform to enthuse both young and old.

Have you tasted Google+? What is your experience?

About our guest author:
Dr. Jane H Sheeba is Research Scientist in Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics at Bharathidasan University.
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