How Mobile Phone signal booster can be useful for you

Have you heard about the innovative mobile phone signal booster?

The world is full of different kind of inventions, and therefore it is no wonder that every problem has its own solution. Thinking about this, it is easy to see that even the low signal can be easily fixed with a mobile phone signal booster, which is actually a great thing that allows people to communicate more, being able to overcome issues like distance.

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Participate in CodeVita 2014 – TCS Global Coding Contest

Are you a coder? Do you want to show off your programming skills and test them against other coders?
CodeVita is here for you! This coding contest from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) lets you pit your skills against contestants around the globe. Get started now! Registrations are open for students from India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay.
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But first, the rules
CodeVita is a team contest. Each team must have two members. Each member has to register individually in order to participate.The contest will have three rounds of coding.

Registration details

Codevita is a global contest and in order to participate in this contest a participant must follow the below steps:

1) Create a profile on the TCS Career portal. (If you have already created your profile, please ignore this step.)

  • If you are a student currently studying in an institution based in India, register on the TCS Next Step portal. Ensure that you create your profile as a Campus/Off Campus applicant. 
  • If you are a student currently studying in an institution in any other country (except India), then create your profile here.

2) Login to Next Step portal.

3) Launch the Campus Commune platform

4) Register for the Contest

  • Click on the CodeVita banner on the Campus Commune homepage to register for the contest.
  • Note down your secret code. You will need it to sign into the CodeVita contest platform.

5) Form your Team

  • Form a two member team to participate in the contest

6) Login to the CodeVita Coding Platform and participate in the contest

To warm up for the contest, you can participate in a practice round before the main event.

Look at the contest calender below  for details on the practice and contest rounds.

Note: For Indian students, the contest is open to students in the batches of 2015,16,17 and 18.

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8 Hottest and Newly Emerging Engineering Jobs in India

 Hottest and Newly Emerging Engineering Jobs in India – Excellent Prospect for Future Engineers!

This is not an unknown fact that engineers are undoubtedly one of the best paid professionals across the world. In the past ten years, not only the number of engineering graduates has increased remarkably, but also the advent of fields and sectors to work in has multiplied. Thanks to the tech boom! For aspirants who manage not to fit in the box and really love to work out of it, here is a list of eight hot jobs, which will help them break into the new fields of engineering. Have a look at the jobs below –

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Taking a Quantum Leap into Wireless Technology

Quantum mechanicsQuantum Internet may be closer than what many people may believe. Based on quantum mechanics, information can be shared between two points without traveling through the space in between. In 1935, Einstein theorized of a "spooky" behavior that particles are still somehow connected through entanglement although they have been separated. The ability to tap this behavior could create security and ultra-fast access to information.

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Wireless Network War-Which Wireless Network is the Best

Wireless Network War: Which Wireless Network is the Best?
Cutthroat competition is always a funny thing, but the game is even odder when it comes to wireless providers. The truth is that even though customers are likely to complain about dropped calls and horrible customer service, they are unlikely to switch to another provider. Why? The simple truth is that because wireless service is such a dizzying equation of factors ranging from price to coverage to contracts, the bottom line can seem elusive.  Here, we put a few of the  top players head to head to make things a little simpler.
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Google wants to eliminate search engine-introducing Semantic Search

Google Wants to Eliminate Search
The search engine giant Google always has something up its sleeve. At times the company is introducing new and fun gadgets and some times it is researching on how to build robots. But the company really wants to take a step back and look at the basics for a while especially its search facility. Google is not just experimenting this time – it is serious. The experts at Google want to eliminate the one thing that Google does best – searching.
There is nothing to worry about because the company intends to introduce semantic searching which, to them, makes more sense. The company has provided that when users usually search for something, all the related search results appear on the page. The user has to quickly glance at all the results before clicking on the one that is the most relevant. This is what Google is not happy about.

What is Semantic Search?
The company wishes to introduce a new form of search which will make more sense from the user’s perspective. They will not be thrown a bulk of search results at. With semantic searching, the algorithm working behind the search engine will understand the meaning of the search term and hence provide meaningful results, saving users a lot of hassle and a lot of time. In short, the new search is going to allow users to smart search for everything on the web. A perfect example of such an algorithm is Panda which was recently introduced by Google and has affected 12% of the overall search results.
Semantic searching or in other terms, meaningful searching is based on a simple concept. When you enter a word in the search bar, for example, “music”, Google’s auto-fill dropdown will show results like “music video”, “music artist”, etc. The word music will show in the end. These dropdown options are implying that people mostly search for these terms on the search engine and if you click on just “music”, it will be set as your primary dropdown option. Hence, the search engine “understands” the most relevant search term for your results.
Website Owners Reaction
Website owners on the other hand are not at all happy with this change. For years they have worked on optimizing their websites for Google with the algorithm the company had initially provided. Now the company is changing the algorithm and website owners see their optimizing going down the drain. However, in reality this is not the case. Google is just preventing website owners to dig out the most-searched for keywords and then bulk them on to their websites.
According to BusinesstoCommunity, the company is prioritizing towards penalizing website owners who spam websites with their links and such keywords. It believes that the practice of keyword stuffing has got to go since it is eventually the wrong way to make potential clients or customers land on the website.
In order to calm website owners down, Google has provided that the new algorithm is going to consist of an improved form of the same algorithm which will provide an opportunity to work towards legitimate optimization instead of spamming.
Author’s Bio: Jenny Corteza is a stay-at-home mom who is either working from home on marketing assignments or can be seen spending time with her eight year old son. He wants to grow up and join the six sigma master black belt institution.

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What is Bitcoin – An Introduction

Bitcoin LogoWhat is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin refers to a new currency created in the year 2009 by an anonymous party with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.  Bitcoin transactions are executed without any middle men and as such no banks are required. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any transaction fees or offer your real name.  Millions of merchants all over the world today have started to accept Bitcoins since they can use them for purchasing pizza, web hosting services and even manicures.

As a form of electronic money, bitcoins are definitely independent of traditional banking systems.  Ever since these coins started circulating in the year 2009, they have grown to become one of the most prominent elements even rising above a couple of fledging currencies.  This virtual currency mainly relies on computer networks that help in solving complex problems as a means of keeping track of every bitcoin that is used in a transaction.  Unlike the case is for traditional currency where the central bank might limit the amount of money printed, there is no known authority which governs bitcoin supply today.

Why Make Use Of Bitcoins?

Bitcoins can be used to purchase lots of merchandise anonymously. In addition, it helps to ensure ease and effectiveness of international payments since bitcoins are never tied to any regulations or the laws of the land.  Many small businesses today prefer them since they do not incorporate credit card fees.  Some people are even opting to buy bitcoins as an investment with the hope that they might grow in value.

How to Acquire Bitcoins

When you want to acquire bitcoins, there are three main approaches which you can employ. You can either:
  • Buy on an exchange
  • Request transfers
  • Do bitcoin mining
A number of marketplaces which are referred to as bitcoin exchanges allow you to conveniently buy and sell bitcoins through the use of a myriad currencies.  Today, Mt. Gox is known to be the largest exchange for Bitcoins.  Secondly, bitcoins can be transferred from one person to another through the use of computers or mobile applications. This is similar to the aspect of sending money digitally. Last but not least, people also compete in bitcoin mining through the use of computers. This is the main means through which bitcoins are created.

How Volatile Are Bitcoins?

The dollar value of bitcoins has been rising exponentially over the past couple of years.  Many people are becoming aware of this type of currency and as such many speculators have also decided to jump into the ever volatile market.  That is why there have been growing concerns from many quarters that bitcoins might actually be susceptible to fraud than the case was a few years ago. To compound this issue as well, the prices of bitcoins in various exchanges vary widely.

Where Can You Use Your Bitcoins?

Proponents of this form of currency argue that bitcoins can be used in a wide range of elements. For instance, they are widely used by consumers all over the world for electronic transactions such as online shopping.  A number of online retailers and physical stores today allow for operations using this currency even though its adoption has not yet hit the climax.  Many critics argue that bitcoins are too volatile and as such they cannot be widely adopted. 
Author Bio:
Agency Fusion is an ad agency focused on the intersection of design and technology. They specialize in web design, web development, branding and software development.
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