Increasing Social Shares – Complete Guide

Any website owner or blogger would want to increase social shares in order to get more traffic. The mainstay of any blog lies in the traffic it can attract, hence devising ways and means to increase social shares and in turn diverting traffic is the ultimate goal of a blog. Social sharing is critical not only for the existence of a site but for its healthy growth and sustenance. Here are a few points to guide you to make your content the most sharable.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 – First Look

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13When you have a product named Yoga, you know you can expect some impressive physical contortion. And that's exactly the case with Lenovo's new IdeaPad Yoga 13 – the technology giant's Windows 8-enabled foray in the hybrid computer domain.

The specialty of this device is that its screen, in laptop form, can be tilted all the way back and behind to enable it to function as a tablet! But that's not the Yoga 13's only highlight by any "stretch" of the imagination – here’s a more detailed look featuring the Intel Core i5 model:

The aforementioned flip-back screen is undoubtedly the conspicuous physical facet and indeed useful. However, the pivot holding the screen is a bit loose, which may cause some stability and operating issues.
The Yoga 13 bears a pleasing black and silver chassis with the prominent Lenovo logo embossed on the screen lid.  The hybrid computer is 13.1 inches (expectedly) long, 8.9 inches wide, and 0.67 inches in depth. While these dimensions are commendable for a laptop configuration, things aren't quite so sanguine on the tablet front – the Yoga 13 feels awkward and unwieldy when in tablet form. The sizeable 3.4-pound weight doesn't help matters much either.      

The 13.3-inch display is, although not completely high definition, still impressive at a 1600 by 900-pixel top resolution. Further, the screen boasts a widescreen viewing mode as also IPS capacitive knowhow making the viewed content extremely vivid and amenable to touch responses. The physical AccuType-enabled keyboard, save for a few unusually cramped keys, is adequate while the touchpad is above average. Incidentally, the physical keyboard automatically disables itself when the tablet form is activated. 
Ports and Connectivity
The Yoga 13 is armed with a fair mixture of connectivity choices to permit quick and easy sharing of data. These functionalities include:

  • USB (2.0) port
  • USB (3.0) port
  • Combination port
  • HDMI port
  • SD and MMC card slot

In addition, the hybrid computer also possesses Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth linking abilities for heightened user convenience. The only minor gripe is that the power port is shaped like a USB port sometimes leading to confusion.

  • The Yoga 13 runs on a 3rd generation Intel Core i5 (3317U) processor and also have an Integrated Intel HD Graphics (4000) card thereby rendering decent performance and agility.
  • Besides the device is equipped with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) further enhancing its overall functionality.    

As mentioned earlier, the Yoga 13 ships with the all-new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, which has already impressed technology enthusiasts with its adaptability, speed, and spruced-up interface.   
The included battery is commodious and is capable of sustaining the device for a good 5 hours of moderate use.

The Yoga 13 also comes with the ensuing neat functions:

  • The capability to control multimedia functions through motions using the provided web camera
  • The ability to recover quickly from a flawed state using OneKey
  • A distinctive element that keeps the system surprisingly cool at all times.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 has the features and a special new-age feel about it to lure customers, especially those not overly concerned with its "above $1000" price tag.

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Improve your SEO through Instagram

SEO and social networking was once considered to be two separate things; however, people are now realising that they can complement one another. Traditionally SEO was used to help find you on the Internet, and Social network sites enabled you to better engage the people who were interested in your business.  They can now be successfully used together, to create a harmonious balance.
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Tips to Create a Linux Web Server with an Old Computer

Every other house has old computers which remain idle in a corner of a room. How about turning that spare computer into a home web server? The terms and steps involved in creating a web server might terrorize you, but the task is a simple one. With the availability of distributions like Ubuntu and Linux which are consumer friendly it is easy to host a website. Do not worry if you have the oldest of computers, because Linux is a flexible operating system that runs even on the slowest computer ever. The “command line” mode can be used if it doesn’t work on certain PC’s.

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Deciding Whether You Need to Purchase Instagram Likes for your Account

Instagram is a fantastic, straightforward, visual social networking site that enables you to promote your business, or service through images. There are several different factors that you need to consider when setting up your account, and one is whether to purchase Instagram likes. This can be beneficial to your community, however, some people prefer to take time and build their site slowly.

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