Beautify the obfuscated/minified JavaScript code

obfuscated JavaScriptBy seeing this image, you can observe that this code is surely obfuscated/minified which is damn hard to read.  Obfuscated is having slightly different meaning over minified version of the code. Anyways, in simple term both will be unreadable(of no use ) for the users those who want to modify or debug such codes.

Almost every website use this technique to reduce the upload time of the webpage. I usually find two important reason behind obfuscating the code, specially JavaScript code.

  • It will occupy less space on web, so easy to download, which will ultimately fastens the website loading time.
  • Very tough to figure out the programming logic so your logic is safe even it is being seen by users/developers

It would be very nice, if we could have some tools or online tools which will beautify such puzzled javaScript for us. Use this  website which would beautify our minified JavaScript code.

Or If you want to minify or compress the JavaScript code then use this website  This website will minify your JavaScript code and will show you the message also that by how much percentage it has been compressed.

Note: If you working on any website for experiment or test purpose, you may need or can upload uncompressed version of JavaScript code.
If you are going to upload your JavaScript code for active website , then better use it's minified version.

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