Best SEO Tips to Make Money With E-mail Marketing

Best SEO Tips to Make Money With E-mail Marketing
Remember the more people that get your reports and the more people that read your reports, the more money you will make because of the links in the back of the report. Also, to passively grow your list that will make your income explode as you grow your business. You build your list while you make these reports and then your list grows.

Your list gets bigger and bigger and bigger and you can send out e-mails of new reports to your list. You can offer affiliate promotions and make money with your list and the list money is where the real money is.

Marketing Means Money
It will start making you money within days… within days of your first report being released. We want you to make money right away so get your first report done. Get it out there. Follow the steps and get your first commissions or your first payments coming in right away. That’s the goal with this system!

1. Here’s the weekly action plan to help you achieve those goals. First off, write the report. Next, create the squeeze page. Now this is only… the squeeze page is if you’re going to do the squeeze page, right, if you’re going to do the list building.

2. This is the list building and maximum earnings action plan. Write the report, then create the squeeze page. Write five to ten articles on the same topic that the report is on – just different subjects within that topic or different focuses within that topic.

3. Do this while that report is fresh in your mind because then the articles are easier to write. You already have all that information still fresh in your mind. Then distribute the report using the passive distribution strategies taught in the distribution video. Next, mail the new report to your list – even if you only have a few people on it just go ahead and mail it out there because every little bit helps.

4. Then promote the squeeze page. Use all your marketing efforts, your articles and everything to promote your squeeze page. Then arrange an ad swap. Okay, now this is your weekly action plan meaning you should do steps one through seven each week. Week one – you write the first report and you follow these steps. Week two – you start a new report and you follow those steps for the new report.

5. Every week you should be writing a report, creating a squeeze page, writing five to ten articles, distributing the report and mailing to the new prospects, mailing to your list, promoting the squeeze page and arranging an ad swap. Every week you do this.
By the end of the year, you’ll have 52 reports, 52 squeeze pages all out there making you money and you’ll have done 52 ad swaps. Your list will have grown and you will be making some serious money online if you stick to this action plan.

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