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Best sites for learning how to code

Best sites for learning how to code
This article assumes that you want to learn programming code in general, as that is what the websites on this article are all about. The types of coding are varied, from things such as HTML to the older Visual Basic and C programming. Here are some of the best sites for learning programming (coding) and why they are so good.
As far as your search for programming lessons go, this is where it should start and end. How would you like a website that gives you free, easy-to-understand lessons on numerous types of programming? Because that is what this website offers and they do it for free.
The website contains videos showing you how to program with numerous types of programming code. They even have video lessons dedicated to creating your own apps for your PC or mobile device. The quality of the lessons is fantastic and you can start from the very bottom and work your way up. They even tell you were to download free and reliable programming tools such as Notepad++ and tell you were to you can download safe and free compiling/decompiling tools so that you can create programs with your computer and need not pay a penny to anybody.
The website and the videos are created by a couple of nerds, but they do become entertaining to listen to and they have been programming since childhood so they know what’s what. They are nerds, so you can expect a few online-culture references, but they are all in good fun. Things such as complaining about snotty iOS programmers in forums or making references to South Park (e.g. "I’m not your buddy, guy!").
Yes, you have just read that correctly. One of the great places you can learn programming is on YouTube. The quality of your lessons is going to vary wildly, which means you have to do a bit of searching around, but it is still there for you to use.
YouTube is so full of videos that you can find a tutorial on most things. This means you are just as likely to find lessons on HTML5 are you are on Perl. The hardest part is finding good quality videos. Still, you should definitely consider Wibit or YouTube before you start paying people to teach you how to code.
This is called "Girl Develop it" and even though it has a name that is as catchy as a wet bar of soap, it is pretty self-explanatory. The world of programming is dominated by men. This is mildly less true if you include HTML, as there are a few female web programmers and developers out there. If you exclude the website programmers or developers then there are more women in government in Muslim countries than there are female programmers.
The world of programming may have become phallocentric because women are stereotypically less inclined to enjoy math, but then that would not explain why there are so many female accountants. The "Girl Develop it" program is more like a non-profit company that is set on helping women learn how to code. Part of the reason is because programming is something that oppressed women can do in developing, Muslim or Chinese countries. If they can develop a few programs then they can earn a little bit of money for themselves and get away from their horrible husbands.
The Code Academy is probably one of the more famous coding websites, and even though it does not have the power or potential of Wibit, it is still popular and so worth a mention. It may be because they have lots of groups for people to join and start interacting with others. Or, it may be their focus on your profile and your progress.
It is a clever move to create a situation where people can show off their profile and monitor how far they have come. People are on Facebook right now posting photos in order to impress semi-strangers. The principle behind setting up a profile with the code academy is not so different from those on Facebook posting pictures.
They also have a focus on things that are popular with new programmers. Things such as how to create apps and how to create websites are what most people want to learn when they get into programming. This website makes learning that sort of thing more rewarding by bundling the lessons and teachings up into their own little area. It is not a bad system for learning new programming codes because it gives people a purpose for learning (which is a nice motivator).
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