Chrome browser for the Android platform

Chrome browser for AdnroidChrome browser for the Android platform

The Google Chrome Browser for the Android has been on the calling cards for a long time now; and now, it has finally arrived. The launch included all tablets running the Ice cream Sandwich software. For the Smartphone, a separate beta version was showcased.

Therefore, as of now, there won’t be many people who can benefit from the browser app. The Google Chrome Browser lets you double-up with the desktop version and keep your mobile device synchronized, so that you don’t miss out on anything, while on the move.

All bookmarks and saved tabs would be transferred to your mobile device via a chrome account. The new features include better looks, superior functionality, better zooming-in options and a re-imagined user interface.

In my opinion, the Google Chrome Browser is not an ‘amazing’ app in its entirely. But then, I would agree on the point, that the way tabs open up on the screen and the way they are positioned, is pretty nifty. Google says, this new feature is to make the user’s experience more comfortable while the user flips through the tabs ‘like a pack of cards’. Well, I do appreciate this feature; but other than this, there isn’t anything new.

Maybe because a few months ago, the Google Chrome to Phone app had the same idea and had worked out in an amazing way. The Google Chrome Browser is just an extension of this idea. Moreover, the Google Chrome to Phone app had a Firefox extension too, which meant anyone using Chrome or Firefox would be able to use the software to keep the mobile device up to date.

Now, let’s not go into that debate and concentrate on the usability of the new Google Chrome Browser app for the Android.

The Pros:

  • Extremely useful and convenient (if you are an avid Google Chrome user)
  • Improved graphical user interface
  • Tabs are redesigned to make your usage more comfortable
  • Use gestures to flip through tabs
  • Apps like YouTube, Google Maps, and other features are integrated.
  • Send YouTube videos and Play it via the YouTube player
  • Send webpages automatically from an open web browser
  • Sync your phone with all the content
  • Copy text from clipboard and send it over to a message box or untitled document
  • Copy number and send it to the dialer

The Cons:

  • Only the beta version is available for Smartphone now
  • Only available for tablets running Android version 4.0-Ice cream Sandwich
  • You need a chrome account to access all its features
  • Stability issues for Smartphone (as it’s a beta version)
  • Less accessibility, as of now

The Google browser is useful in very many ways. The synchronizing features of the app are superb and you would truly feel like living a dream; with all that data getting transferred to your phone with a simple click!

Nevertheless, the new Google Chrome Browser has a lot of potential and can prove to be an effective tool in business communications, if more and more people can gain access to it. Otherwise, the software will have only a niche number of users and, will die eventually.

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