Cisco CCNA Examination: FAQs & Tips

Cisco CCNA Examination: FAQs & Tips
CCNA LogoThere are a plethora of things to talk about in regards to the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). At the same time, there are a myriad of CCNA examination tips that can assist you in getting ready for CCNA certification course. This post has basically summarized some of the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which will deter you from surfing the web for tips and ideas on how to pass CCNA exam.

#1: How many questions are covered in the Cisco CCNA examination?
The first step towards conquering Cisco CCNA examination is, comprehending the examination structure. Unfortunately, this is a trick that only a handful of people have managed to master. Cisco CCNA exam comprises of a total of 50 questions which the candidate is expected to tackle in a period of 90 minutes (2 ½ hours). Nonetheless, it is important that Cisco has given an allowance of an extra 30 minutes for candidates who do not have English as their native language.

However, you need to make certain that you have met the requirements set by Cisco prior to applying for this exception.
The pass mark that a candidate is required to score in order to be considered successful in Cisco CCNA exam is 825/1000.

#2: What is the registration and examination fee?
One of the major hindrances that have prevented a number of IT professionals from being CCNA certified is the cost. Thanks to its popularity and high demand, the registration and examination fee of CCNA examination has declined over the past couple of years. As at the beginning of January, 2012 the exam cost an average of $295. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that this fee is dependent on a number of factors such as the exchange rate of your country and so much more.

#3: What are the different ways of acquiring Cisco CCNA certification course?
There are generally two ways through which you can attain the CCNA certificate. These are:

  • Sitting for two examinations. These are:

    • ICND Part 1 (i.e. 640-822).
    • ICND Part 2 (i.e. 640-816).
  • Sitting for a single examination (i.e. CCNA 640-802).
#4: How long is the Cisco CCNA certification course valid?
According to information provided on the Cisco official website, the CCNA certification course is only valid for a period of 3 years. If you would like to recertify, you will be required to take the ICND2 examination. Alternatively, you can choose to sit for the present CCNA examination or opt to sit for CCNA Concentration examination. The latter concentrates on wireless networks, voice as well as security.

In addition to the above, you need to spend time studying for the Cisco CCNA exam if you would like to attain the minimum score. There are numerous books and online resources that you can use while studying. Besides books, you can also utilize audio visual training materials, especially if you are doing self-paced study.
Check our previous post for books and video lists

What Are the Benefits of Being Cisco CCNA Certified?
Listed below, are the benefits of being CCNA certified:

  • Better employment opportunities.
  • Better salaries and perks.
  • Practical knowledge and path for higher level certifications
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