CompTIA Linux+ certification-Overview

What is the CompTIA Linux+ certification?

CompTIA Linux+Earlier people use to have simple college degree to show their talent ad skills. But it is not so now. There are many competitive exams that have to be cleared to show your skills and prove yourself.
These days it has become a necessary requirement in most of the industries and enterprises to show the certificates of qualification for technological jobs besides the college degrees. Linux is such enterprise which also requires and offers the Linux certificates. Linux certification demonstrates the seriousness of the employees with their career with Linux. It gives an extra importance if you gain actual work experience with Linux.

The CompTIA Linux certificate is a well-known certification of Linux which was launched in September; 2001.It is a basic entry level Linux+ certification for Linux system administrators.  This is for the technicians with six-month experienced who are installing, operating and maintaining Linux operating systems.

List of popular Linux Certification:
There are four Linux certification programs. They deal with the system administration.

There are:
  • CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association)
  • LPI (Linux Professional Institute)
  • Novell Corporation
  • Red Hat, Inc
There are CompTIA and Professional Institute Certified (LPIC) certification programme which are neutral associations. It means they are not responsible for any Linux distribution. There are other two programmes which distribute the Linux operation system .They are Red Hat and Novell's Linux certifications.
The LPI certification programme was launched in January 2000 with three levels of exams.
  • Level 1 (LPIC1): It is for the lower level administrators. One must clear the LPIC1for attempting the next level certification.
  • Level 2 (LPIC2)  
  • Level 3 (LPIC3) the upper level certification.
In 2004 another Linux certification programme was launched by Novell Corporation. They offer two levels of Linux certification programmes for Linux Professional/Engineer. They are:
  • CLP : The Certified Linux Professional (CLP) is for entry-level administrators and
  • CLE: This is for the Certified Linux Engineers which shows more advanced administrative skills.
The Red Hat Certificate programmes for Technician/Engineer/Security Specialist and Architect launched in January 1999.There are again two exams of Red Hat Certification Programmes. They are little expensive. The entry level certification is called Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) which was launched in 2002 and other one is Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) started in 2006.

How to pass Linux Certification:
Gaining a Linux certification is an advantage for a person to show his technical skill of Linux and help to get the employment easily. Various companies require their employees to posses the Linux certificates either at entry level or at advance level.
There are seven aspects to clear the Linux Certification examination.
 They are:

  1. Planning and Implementation
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Administration
  5. System Maintenance
  6. Troubleshooting and Identify
  7. Install and Maintain System Hardware.
There is a course called as Linux+ which is for the new learners of Linux operating system. It is not so difficult to learn this course as this course provide very basic of functioning of Linux system. You must pass 95 questions in Linux+ exam to get the certificate.  Mostly the questions are of multiple choice and the exams are for two hours.

 There are different affiliated test centers for the Linux certification exam. For the lab exams of Novell and Red Hat, it may take more than two hours or a full day. It may be a longer time taking exam but you must clear the exam in a year .To clear the exam it is not a very difficult job. You can prepare for your exam into a few weeks. There are various institution who offers Linux certification courses, training and exams .you must search for those institutions to get training and exams. 

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