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Create Google+ profile without invitation

Google+ Everybody is asking me do you have Google+ account. Are you active there. Can you send me invitation?
I just wondered why invitation? You can create Google+ account without invitation too!

Strange but true. All what you need to do is, you should have Gmail  id of course and you should be logged in into any of the good apps like Gmail, orkut, youtube, blogger, analytics etc.

Then just click on this link and create your profile.

Update your profile, link picasa if you wish upload few videos and you are done!. Just wait for 1 or 2 days then You will get mail from Google+ which will be an indication that your Google+ account is active and you can rock and roll there 😛

Enjoy Google+ without invitation 🙂 It's still working but  it may not work in future, If they will find it as a security bug.

Team- Aliencoders

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