Drupal installation problem in your system

Drupal Installation SolutionIf drupal is not working in your Windows(like if you have tried installing drupal but it’s giving some errors). Try these (worked for me) –

1. Increase PHP’s memory settings by doing
a)      Click on the WAMP icon in your system tray (or wherever it is just click on it). It will show you all the options like Apache, Mysql, PHPadmin, Localhost etc.
b)      Select Config files (in newer versions ) or PHP (in old versions) —-à then click on PHP.ini
c)       Go to line “upload_max_filesize=2M”, change it to 32 M or more
d)      Save and restart WAMP

2. Got an ERROR : C:\WAMP\www\includes\ on line 911 –
Do this : Go to the line where it is written “elseif ($depth>=$min_depth && ereg($mask, $file))” change ereg to mb_ereg

3. Setup Database problem

a) First create a database named drupal or whatever you want.

b) Enter the database username as root and password “”[null]
Keep in mind : When you are renaming the default_settings.php to settings.php then make sure you are copying the content of default_settings.php & renaming it to settings.php.
Keep this file in  sites\default. After doing all this I got my drupal site , hoping the same for you. Cheers!

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