ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft Components-Review

ESET Smart Security 6 with Anti-Theft Components – Review
Securing your computer from potential threats is a vital part of the modern day computing. We store personal and sensitive data on our computers and we cannot afford to compromise it. Hackers also create new viruses on a daily basis and while some of them can expose your data, others can even destroy your computer. In order to safeguard your computer and the data on it, you will have to use an antivirus program.

An antivirus program is basically an application that runs on the background. It prevents hackers from gaining access to your computer and at the same time it prevents viruses from accessing your data. Since new viruses are created on a daily basis, antivirus developers try to keep up with it and release antivirus definitions. ESET Smart Security 6 is one such antivirus program that has been recently released. We just installed it and here’s a short summary of the features available.

ESET Smart Security 6 can be downloaded from
If you want to try out the application before purchasing it, you can select the ‘free trial’ option. The single computer package starts at $89.99 and depending on the number of computers you want to install; you can select the package accordingly.
The application footprint is pretty small. The installation is fairly simple and you can ESET Smart Security 6 up and running in few minutes. The user interface is also simple and navigation is easy.
Key features
Unlike other antivirus suites, ESET Smart Security is light on your computer and it doesn’t hog the resources. Here are some of the features:

  • Antivirus scanner – You have virus definitions available on a regular basis and this prevents your computer from infections. The scanner can be access anytime you want and you can also schedule the application to scan at regular intervals. The scanner is has a high detection rate and is pretty effective. It also performed well in our tests.
  • Personal Firewall – The firewall blocks online threats and hackers from gaining access to your computer. The firewall ensures that your data is secure.
  • Setting limitations on removable devices – By using this option, you can prevent others from copying your data on to USB flash drives and burning them to CDs & DVDs. You can also prevent others from plugging in unknown drives.
  • Anti-Phishing ­– Malicious content can enter your computer by just visiting some websites. The anti-phishing feature in ESET Smart Security 6 blocks such websites and prevents harmful content from infecting your computer.
  • Parental Control – The parental control feature allows you to create different accounts for users in your family and set the rights accordingly. You can hide certain folders, blacklist websites and even prevent kids from making changes to the system settings.
  • Anti theft components – The most notable feature in the ESET Smart Security 6 is the anti theft component. If the computer is stolen, you can log into the ESET portal and track the exact location of the thief. The application uses Wi-Fi triangulation to find the location.
These are some of the features available on ESET Smart Security 6.

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