Firefox: How a simple Blogger can benefit from it

Firefox is an alternative browser to IE that comes pre-installed with your desktop computer. Most people download it because there are occasionally websites that only function well (or at all) with the use of a Firefox browser. Other people use it because it may be extended via a series of plugins that you may install.

As a point of information, a plugin (in this case) means the same thing as a browser add-on or browser extension. It is basically a bit of a program/software that you install into your browser. There are a number of ways that a blogger may benefit from a Firefox browser, in the same way that a plumber may benefit from a box full of tools. How you use your browser is up to you, as is how useful it turns out to be for you.
Make it so that your blog may be read on Firefox
There are some websites that will only work on Firefox browsers and others that are not very compatible with Firefox. You need to ensure that your blog works well on Firefox so that the people who use that browser may see your blog posts. This is especially important for certain elements of your blog which may not work very well on Firefox. These often include things that use programming code other than HTML. It may also be a problem for videos that are embedded into your blog.
Use the plugins that updates you on your affiliate earnings
 This will show you how much you are earning with your affiliate adverts. It will save you having to keep checking your affiliate network to see how much money you have made. There are some plugins that will give you a running total at the bottom of your page so that you may see it every time you use the browser.
Use the plugins that tell you the PageRank of your page
 This makes checking your rank quicker and easier. It also acts as a nice reminder of how your current blog improvements are helping your PageRank. You should also use it to check the progress of your competitors. It may give you some ideas for improvements to your own blog. They are good for telling you if you are really making a mess of your blog optimization.
Use the plugins that tell you the Alexa Rank of your page
 This is another little tool that you can use to check how your blog ranks, except these will show you your Alexa rank. Many people consider the Alexa rank to be a good measure of how popular your blog is. You can see how your blog improvements are affecting your Alexa rank, and just like with PageRank, you may also check how well your competitors are doing.
Steal the HTML code of other blogs with the help of Firefox plugins
 If you want to see the source code of other websites then you may use the browser tools to have a look. However, there are Firefox plugins that will allow you to see the source code of other websites on the screen as you look at their website itself. There are also plugins that will highlight the code responsible for certain web page elements too, so that it is easier to steal the code for them that you may apply to your own blog.
Use plugins that help you integrate social media into your blog
 There are a few Firefox plugins that will help you do this. There are ones that will provide sidebars with lots of share options, and others that offer you the code for widgets that you can copy onto your blog. Integrating social media into your blog is now the “done thing” since Google proclaimed that social media is not being considered as a ranking factor. Plus, social media does give you access to what is potentially a free advertising platform that may encourage other people to attend your blog.
Use the plugin that allows you to run an RSS feed
 Creating an RSS feed in order to allow people to sign up to it is getting easier thanks to plugins for Firefox that pretty much do all of the work for you. There are also plugins that will allow you to have your own RSS feeds that you may check and use.
Use a plugin that helps you with you SEO
 There are quite a few of these for Firefox. They do everything from examining your page for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) flaws, to giving you the tools to improve your SEO via the page you are on. There are plugins that show you things like backlinks, or PageRank or on-page links and keywords. The good thing is that you may also use this plugin on other websites to see how they are optimizing their pages and their blogs.
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