Google wants to eliminate search engine-introducing Semantic Search

Google Wants to Eliminate Search
The search engine giant Google always has something up its sleeve. At times the company is introducing new and fun gadgets and some times it is researching on how to build robots. But the company really wants to take a step back and look at the basics for a while especially its search facility. Google is not just experimenting this time – it is serious. The experts at Google want to eliminate the one thing that Google does best – searching.
There is nothing to worry about because the company intends to introduce semantic searching which, to them, makes more sense. The company has provided that when users usually search for something, all the related search results appear on the page. The user has to quickly glance at all the results before clicking on the one that is the most relevant. This is what Google is not happy about.

What is Semantic Search?
The company wishes to introduce a new form of search which will make more sense from the user’s perspective. They will not be thrown a bulk of search results at. With semantic searching, the algorithm working behind the search engine will understand the meaning of the search term and hence provide meaningful results, saving users a lot of hassle and a lot of time. In short, the new search is going to allow users to smart search for everything on the web. A perfect example of such an algorithm is Panda which was recently introduced by Google and has affected 12% of the overall search results.
Semantic searching or in other terms, meaningful searching is based on a simple concept. When you enter a word in the search bar, for example, “music”, Google’s auto-fill dropdown will show results like “music video”, “music artist”, etc. The word music will show in the end. These dropdown options are implying that people mostly search for these terms on the search engine and if you click on just “music”, it will be set as your primary dropdown option. Hence, the search engine “understands” the most relevant search term for your results.
Website Owners Reaction
Website owners on the other hand are not at all happy with this change. For years they have worked on optimizing their websites for Google with the algorithm the company had initially provided. Now the company is changing the algorithm and website owners see their optimizing going down the drain. However, in reality this is not the case. Google is just preventing website owners to dig out the most-searched for keywords and then bulk them on to their websites.
According to BusinesstoCommunity, the company is prioritizing towards penalizing website owners who spam websites with their links and such keywords. It believes that the practice of keyword stuffing has got to go since it is eventually the wrong way to make potential clients or customers land on the website.
In order to calm website owners down, Google has provided that the new algorithm is going to consist of an improved form of the same algorithm which will provide an opportunity to work towards legitimate optimization instead of spamming.
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