A guide to use images in blog posts

use of images in blog posts“A picture is worth a 1,000 words”. This particular saying is said to be pretty true and it suits this modern generation too. People use the internet to read through the articles present over the internet and therefore, an image will speak for itself more than those thousands of words.

Images are said to be more inviting and illustrating. So, you should always consider using images in your blog. Images can be used to add a special tone to any post, and also to illustrate a particular and specific point. It can be used to break up long texts too.

The readers present in the entire internet world always try to read hurriedly and scan through the articles as quickly as they can. So, the usage of images will tempt them to pause for a while and have a look at the general content present in that particular blog, which will eventually lead them to read the content more sincerely.

Some pictures can enhance the real meaning of the context present in the blog and help the reader to relate things easily. Such images and pictures are a must to travel and food blogs.

However, blogs dealing with any other subject can also use images to create awareness among their readers and convey the message in a better and clearer manner. We use at least one or two good quality, eye catching and relevant (sometimes funnily relevant) images for every blog post on our discount coupon blog that features jupiter images and istockphoto discount deals.

Tips and techniques to use images on a blog:


Before starting to add an image to your blog, you must make sure that you possess every single right to post it on your blog. Always try to use pictures which you have taken on your own, or pictures for which you have obtained the rights, or those which come under a Creative Commons License. Just as you may not wish someone to steal and use your content, it is the same when it comes to images.

Make sure you don’t involve in copyright infringement without paying due credit to the original owner of the image. The copyright laws are pretty strict and you must be sure to use your own images, or images with bought copyrights only.

Professional look

The images present in a blog should be professional. Never ever use blurred pictures or photos with very poor lighting, since it might bring down the professional look and value of your blog.

If you want to compose a picture from a camera, especially for your blog, you have to make sure that you capture it with great care and see to it that there are no other unnecessary and redundant elements present within the frame. Also make sure that you take a picture that conveys the meaning of your blog post.

Usage of pictures

Never use more pictures to depict the meaning of your blog post since they take too much time to load, which might even irritate the readers of your blog and make them lag or move away from it. Always use enough images to convey your content, but not more than necessary.

Size patterns

Try to keep the images and pictures with a sensible size pattern. Sometimes you might want to make them pretty large to enable your readers to read the content present inside the image, but you still have to make sure that those images fit into the page easily and don’t look odd on the whole.

There are many blog engines which instantly resize the images to fit into your blog post, even though you can also opt to use separate image editing programs to do the work on your own.

ALT tags

You can also consider adding ALT tags to the images when you add those images to your blog post. These ALT tags offer the total description and explanation of that particular image to your readers whoever mouse over that image and these ALT tags also tend to increase SEO.

The search engine crawlers read these ALT tags and if you include related keywords in the description of the image, you will get a good rank in the search engines.

Images are said to be the best method to interest and attract your blog readers easily. It is to be guaranteed that you are using the images in the correct manner and are also using them to develop the value of your blog.

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