How to change logo in system properties

Want to see your organization or your picture in System information in System Properties window below to the windows logo? Follow the following easy steps to see your logo there.

System Properties

Step 1:

Create OEMINFO.INI file with content:


Manufacturer = “GENUINE SYSTEMS”

[support Information]

line1 = Varghees Samraj

line2 = Computer Sciences Corporations

line3 = Chennai

line4 = Tamil Nadu

line5 = India

line6 = 600032

Step 2:

Create another logo file 103×102 size bmp file and save it as OEMLOGO.BMP.

Step 3:

Copy those two files OEMINFO.INI and OEMLOGO.BMP in C:\WINDOWS\system32\

Step 4:

Check your System Properties now.


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