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How to Drive More People to Share and Subscribe Your Publications

If you are aiming to creating some special digital publications for online distribution to bring more visits to your web, or if you want to show your products in a unique way to attract potential customers, then you must make your publications worth-sharing, so that it can drive your readers to subscribe and share it with more people to increase its exposure. Stay here for a moment, you may need the below tips about how to create a stunning yet unique e-publications.

1. Name e-publications with killing titles: A good headline is half of success, which can attract new readers but also direct current audiences to recommend it to their friends for further read. There are always too many new things online, so a killing headline can ensure you standing out from other subscriptions, attract people to click and get the highest exposures.

2. First impression is powerful. Usually, the first impression will infect the mood of whole reading process, so you must make your audience happy by a wonderful reading experience, such as match your digital edition with clear-to-see fonts, high-definition image, dynamic page turning effect , or other multi-media components.

3. Worth-reading content is the key. It is another half of success. If an article attracts readers to click by a killing headline, but then disappoint them with worthless yet uninteresting content, it must leave a terrible impression to followers and subscribers. Worth-reading e-publication content can be useful tips, newest scoops, popular topics, happy things or any other something beneficial.

4. Ensure it's easy to share and subscribe. If you want others to follow or share your digital publications online, then you must make it easy and convenient for them. At this point, YouTube sets a good example for us with easy buttons like share via Twitter, Facebook, BlogSpot, Email, Google+, LinkedIn and many popular social networks. Adding these buttons to your e-publications interface to reach more people, it is also can be easily done by some tools like Kvisoft PDF to digital magazine converter.

5. Choose the right time to publish: Reading digital publications, just like doing anything else, needs a good mood. If you send your publication link to your readers via e-mail at busy time like early morning which is time for handing the most important emails, then your digital editions might be ignored with great possibility as they received too many emails, let alone share your contents with others. It would be better to distribute digital editions to your readers at their leisure.