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How to Generate Unique Secure Passwords You Remember

Our social life is growing. Day by day we are adding new sites. More and more services are going online. Along with this we all share the problem of remembering the passwords for various sites. Lot of people take to setting same passwords for most of the site. So if one site is compromised we risk access to our personal information on a lot of other websites.
In this post we will guide you on how to generate unique and secure passwords which you will remember. Let’s begin.

Generate unique password that you can remember easily
Generate unique password that you can remember easily
  • Pick a Magic Word: Not your first name, not your last name, not your dog’s name something unique. We are going to use “alien”
  • Pick a Number: Not related to your birthday for god sake. We will use “0”
  • Pick a special symbol : Pick any special symbol you love to draw around. We are using “$”, yes bring in the money.
  • Now we will pick the secret ingredient Lets consider a website, like “aliencoders”. Now make a rule of picking 1st or last letter or middle whichever you prefer. In our case we are picking the second letter, i.e., “l”.
  • Now comes arrangement: We will order the components we were collecting. Something like this.
    “0lalien$” or “l$0aliens” now this arrangement is totally up to you. You can have even have more numbers or symbols or position swapping rules. Like for vowel based you can pick number “1” and for rest”0″. Totally up to you.

There you go a simple way to generate unique and secure password for every new site you visit.