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IBM – The Great Mind Challenge 2011

TGMC The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC) is a programming contest by IBM, India to help engineering students in testing their skills. Student Engineers interested to  join software industry can get lot of exposure from this.

How this can help Engineering/programming students ?
This contest is made for students interested in programming only. Biggest opportunity for final year students as they can use this for final year project and i believe this can change your future. You can grab an opportunity to work with IM (Information Management software) team of IBM.


Launched in 2004, TGMC is an innovative program that addresses the need to better educate millions of students for a more competitive information technology (IT) workforce by partnering with colleges and universities.

Every year, the growth and reach of TGMC has increased, seeing a marked increase in the number of students who are keen to participate in such an endeavor. In fact, TGMC is now listed in the Limca Book of Records as the largest technological contest of its kind – testament to the fact that there is a need in today’s competitive world for such an initiative that supports, guides, and challenges students to higher goals.

Universities provide excellent learning environments, but find it difficult to teach students about an IT transformation in progress unless those driving the transformation – IT companies at the helm of transformation – provide real-time input and support. TGMC is an out reach of the IBM Academic Initiative, a global program that facilitates the collaboration between IBM and educators to teach students the IT skills they need to be competitive and keep pace with changes in the workplace.

The IBM Academic Initiative includes an online portal that provides access to software, training, and course materials, most at no charge. Available within the Academic Initiative web site, IBM offers hundreds of resources for integration into college curricula to help teach students how to master the fast-growing market of open technologies. Through this initiative, IBM is working with students to build technology and science skills.

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Hurry UP!!

Last date for joining is 31st october.

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