Image disappears when trying to edit any content in Drupal 6.x

Problem: I am using Drupal 6.x and I use lots of modules for file attachment, Image resize, imageupload, thumbnail creation etc. When I post a new article under any section with some images attached to it. It gets disappeared when I try to edit it again.

Why this problem occurs?
At first, I though it occurred due to my personal settings related to CKEditor. Then second thought goes to the another innocent module (assumed culprit by that time 😉 ) Imagresize module. But disabling them and replicating the same issue didn’t solve my problem.

Then I found suddenly the real disaster behind this annoying image disappearance on edit. This problem exists because of ImageCache Module improper handling in Drupal.

How to make it working then (Any Solution) ?
ImageCache module Screenshot

ImageCache modules is of course is an efficient module and you should not uninstall it just because of this silly mistake. I have better idea to use it according to our requirements.

  • Go to Imagecache module’s setting page and flush it out. This will surely work.
  • To be in safer side, don’t enable extra unwanted sub-modules that you don’t need/require for your website. Uncheck option like imageMagick, GD2, UI etc.
  • ImageAPI is required to make this module working properly
Hope this will save your arse too as it saved mine!
Note: Now Imagecache module is move to Drupal 7 core module 😀

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