The importance of URL rewriting

Introductory facts on URL rewriting

url rewriting fundamentalsThere isn’t a person who does not utilize search engine for some particular task or the other, which is due to the fact that they have improved the searching capabilities of a search. There are many aspects of SEO, which needs to be considered and carried out effectively to help a firm create a strong presence over the web. URL rewriting can be seen as one such important aspect of the SEO (search engine optimization), which is most of the times overlooked by many.

The term URL rewriting is a very broad term, where it includes something known as a rewrite engine, which aids in the modification of the way a URL is displayed. The technique of URL rewriting generally aims to create more SEO friendly and static URLs from the dynamic ones, so that they are more searchable and readable.

The benefits and the aspects for using URL rewriting

It is extremely important that URLs make sense and give an idea about the page it refers to (the page being displayed), as well as being easy for the search engines to comprehend.  URL rewriting does not show the inner workings and statistics behind a website’s address to the user, preventing them from seeing any query strings, which does not prove to be beneficial to the site.

This process is not only useful for those viewing or reading it, but also helps in the security aspect of the site by preventing hacking  or access to malicious users to a great extent.  It aims for the creation of a keyword rich URL, which means including the keyword into the URL text, that would help effectively in the SEO process.  This helps ensure that the site being developed is already optimized to an extent before even its launch adding to its success.

The URLS created also tend to hide the inline linking, which most of the time appears to waste a lot of bandwidth.   Moreover, the same URL can be continued to be used, even if there is a change in the primitive technology, which has been used, that appears to be very useful.

The process of URL rewriting can be carried out on any type of site or web content management systems, be it an developed site or the ones created with the use of PHP technology. The process of URL rewriting is carried out differs based on the languages, suiting their requirement. It seems to be possible with the ASP.NET technology efficiently, because of the fact that it is similar to IIS (Microsoft’s Internet Information System). URL rewriting is also made possible with PHP with the mod_rewrite module (for Apache server), besides others.

Moreover, they also appear to be user-friendly via the interface.  Also it is useful if a user wants to take off a section of the URL in order to get (navigate) to the higher level, which proves to be very beneficial to them.


The concluding aspects on the URL rewriting

There are many ways in which URL rewriting could be employed based on what is trying to be achieved with the process. The above mentioned aspects clearly state the significance of URL rewriting and the benefits it exhibits, which is often not paid much attention to. However, a dot net development Company from India and a PHP development company from India ensure that the factor of URL rewriting is taken into proper consideration for a variety of development requirements. The method is an effective SEO method which if utilized properly can aid successfully in the advancement of your firm.

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