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Interesting Alphabets to teach to the IT Kids

Alphabets for IT children 

Smart IT kidI was sitting idle near computer and I was just thinking that how a guy from IT background would teach alphabets to their kid. Something came up in my mind . Si I thought lets share it with you people. Although its funny but interesting too!. 

A : Algorithm/AJAX/Apple
B:  Binary
C:  CD/CPU/comment/C++
D: Disc/Decimal/Delphi
E:  External/exe/emacs/EOF
F:  File/font/Framework/FTP

G: Graph,GNU
H: HTML/ Hard Disk
I:  Internet/ISO/IC/IEEE
J:  Java/J2EE/JRE/JSP/JavaScript/jQuery
K: Kernel/Kbps/KBps/Key board/komodo
L:  logo/LCD/LED
M: Monitor/Memory/MySQL/Microsoft/Mouse/Mac
N:  Network/NTFS
P: PHP/Perl/Python/PC/Push/Pop/Photoshop/PDF
Q: Quick sort/Query
R: RAM/ROM/Redo/
S:  System/source/Screen/SEO/SDK/sed/struts/spring
T:  text/(TCP/IP)/TeLnet
U: Unary/url/UML
V: Virtual/VB/VOIP/vim
W: Wireless/Wi-Fi/Website/www/WLAN/Windows
Y:  Yacc/Y2K
Z: Zero/Zombie

If you get something interesting , add it here yes

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