Introduction to VMware Certifications

Introduction of VMware:
It is one of the most famous and useful virtual machines that can be seen nowadays. It is basically a software suite for the computers. This software suit allows the users to use more than one virtual computer at the same time. Here the important thing is that each virtual computer has its own operating system that can be easily managed and configured simply.

Almost all types of operating systems like BSD variants, Linux, Windows and many others can be configured in this virtual machine. In short, we can say that this software suit enables the single physical machine to execute the various operating systems at the same time. Moreover, some hardware can also be simulated with the help of this amazing software suit.

Mounting of ISO files are required for the stimulation of hardware. This useful software tool also allows making some teams virtually. In these teams, Users can easily manage the members of the virtual teams by defining and allocating particular roles to the designated team members. It also facilitates the various snapshots of a single operating system at a time. This feature has made this tool very much useful for the salespersons who demand very much complicated software products.     
List of VMWARE Certifications:
There are lots of VMWARE Certification programs that can be seen nowadays. Each program has its own advantages. For choosing an effective certification, you must analyze your inertest and area of specialization because each certification program demands its own requirements, knowledge, experience and hard work. So, you must choose those certification programs that best suite your skills, interest, experience and future goals. Some of the most common and important VMWARE Certification Programs are following:

  • “VMware Certified Design Expert”
  • “VMware Certified Professional -VCP”
  • “VMware Certified Professional Certification Training Exams”
  • “VMware Certified Design Expert Certification Training Exams”
  • “VCP-101V: Infrastructure with ESX Server and Virtual-Center Exams”

How to Pass the Certification Programs:

Many people usually have a desire of passing these amazing and useful certification programs so that they can easily enhance their chances of getting some good and respectable jobs in their near future. But the fact is that they have to face lots of problems when they go for attempt these tests. The reason behind this is lack of guidance. They don’t have proper guidelines and effective approaches to handle these exams. Some of the most important tips for passing the VMWARE Certification Programs are following:

Home Based lab type Environment:

As we all know that this tool requires more practice then the lengthy theoretical concepts. So, for passing the certification programs in a good manner, first thing that you must do is to develop a Home Based lab type Environment. This type of environment is very much easy to set-up for this tool as lots of versions of this software are available in the markets in the form of CDs and DVDs. By installing one of these versions in you home, you can easily develop a learning lab environment so that you may easily get experience about the important functionalities and tools.

Training DVDs:  

There are lots of training DVDs that are available nowadays relate to the introduction and basis of this amazing tool. These DVDs programs provide a complete step by step guidance for the beginners about:

  • How to start the preparation for the certification programs?
  • How you must plan your schedule?
  • How you have to go for each lesson?
  • Basic and advance knowledge of its features, applications
  • Some practical labs    

With the help of these DVD programs, you can easily get the all necessary information about your selected certification programs, its preparation process, course guideline, lessons and practical labs.   

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