Is an iPad good for gaming?

Is an iPad good for gaming?

Although there is a lot of discussion about the fact that gaming is increasingly being dominated by mobile devices – something which can clearly be seen from the way that the likes of ultra-popular internet casino companies like

online casino Australia are looking to target mobile users with mobile casino games downloads and apps – most of this is centred on phones. Although phones do account for the majority of mobile gamers, there are also a significant number of people gaming on tablet devices like the Apple iPad. So is an iPad a good choice for gaming?

Well there can be little argument that they do offer a number of benefits for those who choose to use them – both over phones and games consoles. When it comes to the latter, recent versions of the iPad (such as the iPad 3) provide the user with far greater processing power than they will get with a games console – a definite advantage as the graphics used in casino games such as video slots get ever better, and require more power for the optimum gaming experience. They are also best consoles when it comes to convenience, because you can take them with you and play them from any location.

Of course they cannot really compete with phones in that respect, as phones such as the iPhone will always be smaller and more portable for carrying around than tablets will. However it can be argued that they compensate for this by providing the gamer with a bigger screen – which clearly enhances the appeal of an activity as visually-driven as gaming. Indeed the small mobile phone screens have often been a bugbear of gaming fans, and can be a real problem when games feature large amounts of detailed onscreen information.

If there is a real disadvantage to using an iPad for gaming it lies in the fact that they can only be operated by touch screen, which is fine for those games – for example Tap Tap Radiation – that can be played by simple tapping of the screen, but less effective for games that require more subtle, close control.

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