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 If a business wants; and almost all business wants; smart SEO strategies, relevant advertising, control over their web content and an immense degree of flexibility, then Magento ecommerce platform should be their logical choice. This open source web application has found clients from diverse industries. And this list is only growing. Even though there are quite a few PHP ecommerce solutions which are also open source in nature, developers tend to choose Magento more than any other solution simply because it offers features which makes the website user friendly and a simple code which enables the developers to do more.

One of the big components of an ecommerce company’s strategy is search engine optimization or SEO. There are several major reasons why this product has had such popularity for SEO development. Magento development enables niche marketing, smart use of keywords, better control over content management systems, creating relevant URLs and flexible ecommerce solutions. Here are some of the reasons why Magento Development has been a huge game changer in the ecommerce space.

  1. The use of GoMage Ads and Promo. The simplicity and flexibility of this GoMage product allows the ecommerce company to enjoy ease of installation and customization. Customization can extend to the ability to make promotional content extremely targeted. The website developer can use the option of using promo material only on the product pages. The customer can also be shown a specific number of times of promo windows. Various effects can be used to enhance the overall look and feel of the website. The duration of promotion can also be controlled.
  2. “Smart” product information. Magento can help the website owner in optimizing details related to products, such as, images, file names, information on products and setting meta information to cater for either store view or default values. This directly harks back better SEO results as well.
  3. Better content management systems. Magento enables a very high level of customization for the business owner. This means that the owner can go into very microscopic control of content on the website pages, including Meta keywords and descriptions for every page as well.
  4. Category optimization. With this Magento feature, a website developer can add the names of different categories to the paths to product URLs. The developer has to ensure that there is a powerful amount of creativity that goes into the Meta Description because this will be reflected in the search engine results. It is also important to think of a URL which is not only succinct but also loaded with the right keywords.
  5. Duplicate content management. Sometimes websites face a lot of issues; after the other aspects have been fixed; because of duplicate content. Magento development can ensure that such content does not reflect in poor SEO results. With the use of canonical URLs, search engines are made to pick up only the URLs that the company specifies.
  6. Making the website work really fast. Speed of website loading is one of the more important aspects of Magento Development. Once again, this will be reflected in successful SEO results. The faster the website loads, the more a search engine will latch on to the website. Use of Cache Management, PHP opcode and MySQL are some of the ways in which this can be done.

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