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Make your Own Wifi Hotspot free!

Share your internet connection with your friends for free!

connectifyTo use internet connection in computer / laptop we take help of our mobile, broadband, wireless, data cards etc. Mostly in a connection we would able to connect only single system. To get access to two systems we seek help of network cable. To make your job easier here is amazing software for you.

Connectify (2.34 MB) enables you to share your internet connection to multiple systems wirelessly for free. To use this, your system should be Windows 7 installed and Wireless Adapter Enabled. Latest laptop releases by default it’s provided with the wireless adapter. If it’s a desktop you are required to install wireless router separately.

What does Connectify do?

Connectify switches your internet connection to wireless router which gives you the facility to share your Mobile, broadband, 3G, Wi-Fi with others by making your system as Wi-Fi Hotspot. Using this any devices like (Mobile, PC, Laptop, Android devices, Tablet PCs) gets free internet access through your system. Connectify also provides you the feature to set your own password (WPA-PSK).

connectify settings

How to use Connectify?

1.       Click the below Link to grab the installer

 Windows 7:


 2. After getting installed, your system tray gets a Connectify Icon. Click that to open the Connectify interface window.

3. WiFI Name: Give your desired Wireless connection Name.

4. Password: Set your password. Others can use your connection only by giving the password you set here. Minimum 8 characters.

5. Internet: Select the connection which gonna share. Ex: Local Area Connection, Airtel…

6. Wi-Fi: Chose your System Wireless Adapter. Ex: Wireless Area Connection 1.

7. Then just Click Start Hotspot. Connectify will automatically does work for you.

connectify windowsConnectify caters the feature to check no. Of clients connected to your connection /wifi.

Connectify also provides you the feature to share your existing internet connection, either it may be your own or someone else’s connection. Connectify can be used in Office, colleges, malls, home etc where is helps more people to connect wirelessly to your connection.

Cool Tip:

Using Connectify earn bucks by sharing your internet connection on hourly basis Jcool…Install and Enjoy.


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