Minimal application that user should install after Windows Installation

Well this article is very useful for those users who don’t use computer and internet frequently or those who are not a frequent users or computWindows userer expert.

Although its very basic thing to know that what a computer users should install in their system(windows users), whatever they wish they can install but what matters is what are the  essential software amongst them.

I am listing few of them rest they can install according to their needs. After installing  one of the various versions of WINDOWS  (like XP/VISTA/ME etc) one should install

  1. good antivirus at first then try to install anything else. it may be kaspersky or avast or ESET’s NOD32 or bitdefender and so on… but i would suggest to use NOD32’s latest version because of various reasons like i)its small size, ii)its written in assembly language, iii)very fast and effecitve, iv)doesn’t slowdown the system, v) protects from newly released viruses through heuristic technology
  2. Now most of the viruses evolves from flash drives too so install USB disk security which protects from spreading viruses through autorun.inf
  3. for reading pdf files either install acrobat reader or foxit reader
  4. many of the files will be in rar extension or iso extension so use winrar for rar and daemon/poweriso from iso extension
  5. either use internet explorer or install your favorite browsers (Firefox/Opera/Safari/Avant/Maxthon etc..)  if you wish to use internet.
  6. if your computer has several drives and lots of files and folders then searching files will be bit difficult through windows own search engine so i suggest to use Ava Find which searches very very fast.
  7. for watching movies or listening songs you can install VLC media player or real media player, flash player or kmp (korean media player). I usually use kmp player in most of the cases.
  8. for cd/dvd burning  either use nero or imgburn (its of only 2 Mb hardly and does same work as nero which is of 300 MB approx.)
  9. if you wish to edit or do something with your photos then use windows mspaint or adobe photoshop (other softwares are also available like acee dcee/ corel draw/picasa etc)
  10. If you wish to write documents or wish to prepare slides etc then use microsoft office suites .
  11. Well if you are using internet and fond of downloading movies applications then use any torrent software like u-torrent/bitlord etc.. and surf sites like,, etc..

I hope it will help everyone in some respect and rest stuffs they can install according to heir interest like sony soundforge for sound editing, sony vegas for video editing and many more. Try to search software here at and

Note: use software and install anything at your own risk i just suggested what i experienced, never blame me for any discrepancies.

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