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Minimal Reasons to prefer Gmail over other Mailing systems

I love GmailEverybody is already well acquainted with the mailing system’s usages. In brief it’s a platform through which you can send, receive your messages with/without attachments. Attachment may include audio, video, books, exe files too! (Beware of social engineering!).

There are hell lot of mail providers are there like yahoo mail, rediff mail, hotmail, Gmail , gmx, and now facebook too!  You can read the features of mail providers from here.

But I personally prefer Gmail over other mailing services due to various reasons:

  1.  Provides space more than 7GB and its continuously increasing bit by bit every second. If you need more space (very rare), you may buy by paying $4.99 for 20GB space. Here are the features of space offer.
  2.  Layout is very simple and easy to use. (May be I am little biased over here!)
  3. You can send attachment up to 25 MB (I know there are many mail providers who may offer more than this. GMX offers up to 50 MB!). But I am ok with it. If you need to send a file of size larger than 20 MB just split it using winrar or winzip application and just mail part by part.
  4. Access too many accounts just from one login id (Isn’t it fascinating and wonderful). You can have access to web analytics, web master tool, Google adsense,  blogspot, orkut, youtube and now Google+
  5.  I liked its various lab features. Few of them are worthy to mention.

    • Undo sent mail within 30 seconds Priority Inbox
    • Showing no of unread mails over tab icon
    •  Move icon column. Now I don’t need to see at the right side of the mail that if anything is attached with it or not. It shows the attachment icon in the left side. Easy for me to identify if anything is attached with mail or not. (Simple but effective)
    • Title Tweaks. I can easily see how many new mails have arrived under tab. It is very useful when you have opened many tabs in a single browser. Instead of Inbox (7) it will show me (7) Inbox.
    •  Sending in the background. Now I can read or do anything with my mail systems while sending mail in parallel.
  6. To read more about these features, please read our post on Gmail Features That You may like

  7. Google’s chat functionality is also cool. Audio chat, video chat, group audio chat and now group video chat too (They call it hangout under Google+ banner).
  8. Now you can take backup of your Gmail contacts, buzzes, Picasa albums and probably mails too.
  9. It have various other features too like Google calendar, Event organizer, Google docs, Buzz which makes it more useful in comparison to other mail providers. (Almost everything you can do at one place with a simple click.)
  10. You can login to more than one account with switch account functionality.
  11. Account Activity facility makes you aware that who accessed your account at what time and from where. If anything unusual would happen in accessing your account Gmail will notify you.
  12. Google tackles with spams in a very smart way. Its mail filtering technology really amazing. It saves our time and electricity too! (Why electricity? Relate it with Global Warming)
  13. Waiting for Google voice and sms functionalities in India. Its available in US already.

Note: This is my personal view about Gmail. If anyone has similar or different views, please revert here with your comments 😀