No Flash for Chrome on Android: Adobe


No flash for chrome in AndroidAdobe flash player, the popular plug-in used for online gaming, video streaming and sharing and photo editing will not work for the chrome browser on your android phone. Google chrome the web-browser available for desktops and laptops is now available on a tablet or a smartphone, but there is a catch to it. Chrome will not support adobe flash player.


What is Chrome on Android

Google has finally launched the speedy and easy-to-use browser chrome for smartphones and tablets. However, it is still in the beta stage, which means it is still on a test run. You can download chrome from the android market free.
However, it will only work for android version 4.0, or the ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ phone. You will be able to access all your chrome settings, browse at high speeds and synchronize your phone and desktop.


What was the last version of Flash Player for Android phones

The last version for flash player in android phones was released in December 2011. After version 11.1, adobe has decided to stop developing newer versions as the software has reportedly not been working on platforms other than android.


Why has adobe abandoned developing flash for mobile devices

That flash will no longer be available on android was confirmed by adobe early in February 2012. Adobe now wants to concentrate on developing HTML5, which it thinks will gradually replace the flash experience.

However, flash will continue to be available for default browser in android. They are working on programs that will help a smooth transition from flash to HTML5. Apple has already refused to allow adobe on iOS, that is, on devices like ipad, iphone and ipod.

They felt that flash was redundant and was not performing well on their operating system. The company also complained that it was insecure and slow, draining the device battery quickly. They are keener on using native applications for apple products.


What is HTML5?
HTML5 is a language for structuring and presenting content on the internet. It comes with many syntactical features. These are crafted which to handle graphic and media content, without the use of an application programming interfaces (APIs).

However, this language is still being continually upgraded and modified. Yet, it has already gained much success in a wide range of tablets and smart phones.


How is chrome on android different from its default browse

Chrome on android is still in its beta version. It is also available to a limited range of smartphones, specifically, those which run on the latest version of android. The latest version of android is popularly known as the Ice Cream Sandwich, it is the 4.0 version.

Google claims to provide the same speed and simplicity of the chrome browser on your smartphone as you have experienced on your desktop. The default browser had not been supporting HTML5. Although both default browser and chrome are webkit derived, the former lacks in browsing speed and hardware acceleration.


What do experts think of this move by Google

In 2010, apple rejected adobe from its operating system. Google has followed suit in 2012. Microsoft has also already declared that, by next year, it will not allow the flash plug-in to install in version 10 of its internet explorer in windows 8.

Experts see this move as an action to fall into the trend of giving up flash for faster browsers. They have also predicted that the use of flash will eventually stop even on desktops. Soon, the experts feel, HTML5 and similar applications will take over the web experience, eliminating the flash player.

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