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No more fake accounts on Google+ : issues verfication badge

How many times have you faced fake profile through social networking sites? Sometimes they pretend so real that we start talkiGoogle+ verified accountng with them and start sharing some of our personal things too! Even images, mobile number everything seems original but finally the person will be fake.

It may be common because Social networking sites can’t verify each and every account details. Think about fake profile of any celebrity.

  • How much havoc it may create if it would be misused by the wrong person?
  • What If Anna’s fake profile will roll out at the present scenario?
  • What if Manmohan Singh joins Google+ and start stating something offensive? What will be the reaction of people!

There should be some way to identify those accounts specially that represents mass icons. Like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, President, Prime Minister, Noble Prize winner and list goes on.
 Now Google+ is coming with the idea of verification badge to almost all users, brands, and celebrities. But as it will be a baby step at the beginning and all personalities, celebrities will be identified, verified then will be provided a badge which will be a proof that the particular account is real not fake. Badge will be something like small icon at the corner of image, like twitter (May be this concept comes from twitter!) Google has maintained his word  that it would not tolerate fake profiles and had even deactivated the profiles of many users without notification because the profiles were found not real (may be fake).

Hareesh Tibrewala, joint chief executive, Social Wavelength said:

“It is an extremely important aspect for any social networking platform, as it is difficult to know the authenticity of a user. In case of celebrities, we have seen how fake accounts can create challenges. Nobel prize-winning economist Amartya Sen’s identity was impersonated by an imposter on a popular social networking site. Brands, too, have a tough time. This makes sense for common users as well. If Google manages to take this excercise on a larger scale, it would be a differentiator in the market. It has been struggling to increase the number of users on Google+”

At the starting stage, it will cover only those profiles that are having huge fan base and the names which seem of any celebrity’s identity. But later it may be implemented for all users. What short of method they are going to use is not known? But it will be surely a good sign for all users that we wouldn’t need to be worried before following any famous identity or adding any verified stranger.

And it will be good for Google+ point of view too, because after realizing current scenario I can say, nobody wants to migrate from Facebook to Google+. Although many of us are having accounts but very few of them are really active there or have left Facebook fully for Google+ use. It’s very tough to be active at more than one social networking site at a time. I wish Google+ will draw attention of users this time by implementing this idea.

P.S. Google+, it’s still tough to attract all 75million+ facebook users!

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