Null Hyderabad, May Presentation on various InfoSec Topics

As it was said that Null Hyderabad, May chapter would be fire talks session and yes it was. There were six presentation on various Information Security topics with proper explanation, images, demo etc.  Null Hyderabad is really doing great job in Information Security Awareness domain and I personally convey my special thanks to all speakers for delivering mind blowing presentation along with Imran and Raghu for leading Null Hyderabad chapter successfully all the time 😀

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All those 6 presentations are really well versed and doesn't need any introductory lines before reading the slides. So, I am sharing all those slides here one by one.

1. Heartbleed by Danish Amber

Heartbleed by-danish amber from nullhyd

2. Netcat-101 "The networking swiss army knife" by Mahesh Bheema

3. The art of FireWalking by Sujay Gankidi

4. Social Engineering Techniques by Rakesh Nagekar

5. Spear Phising Attack by Hari V

6. XSS by Sai Shanthan

Please feel free to share your feedback as comment regarding these presentation and Null Hyderabad Chapter.