Overview of XML Master Certification

XML Master Certification: worthwhile certification for career development
XML CertificationThe certifications in various fields are recommended to make the people eligible for the particular area of interest. The examination programs and systems help the organizations to judge, analyze and measure the  talent, capabilities, aptitudes and skills of the person so that the positions and designations are assigned accordingly. Such certifications are considered as the sign or mark on the individual that he has the experience or capability in the particular area. The experience, however, might not be that essential to pass the exams, but the skills do exhibit and appear at the front, giving a signal that the person can be assigned an important task or job position.

Among these certification programs, the XML Master certification is an important and famous one which has its own principles, procedures and credentials that need to be considered and performed. It is a professional certification system that is constructed to assess the individuals’ talent and expertise in technical skills regarding the XML and XML-related technologies. This certification has great significance as it not only improves the technical capabilities of the person but also enhances the customer’s contentment.

Having an XML certification enables the employer, the other employees as well as the clients to acknowledge and feel satisfaction through the XML logo. This XML Master therefore proves employability, future career scheduling, advancement and development for IT engineers.
Levels of XML Master Certification
The XML Master is a certification course and program that mainly consists of two levels.
The first one is called the XML Master Basic and the second one is known as XML Master Professional. Further, the XML Master Professional comprises of two distinctive certifications, i.e.
"XML Master Professional Database Administrator," certifying XML database professionals.
XML Master Basic is a certification for those professionals who have verified the skill to make use of the XML and interrelated technologies.

  • Section 1 – XML Overview
  • Section 2 – Creating XML Documents
  • Section 3 – DTD
  • Section 4 – XML Schema
  • Section 5 – XSLT, XPath
  • Section 6 – Namespace
XML Master Basic Certification Requirements is to complete and pass the 90 minutes XML Master Basic certification exam with a least 70% scores. It has 50 questions
XML Master Professional Application Developer is a certification for those experts and professionals who have confirmed the ability to employ the technologies in the development and up gradation of applications which deal with the XML data.
  • Section 1 – DOM / SAX
  • Section 2 – DOM / SAX Programming
  • Section 3 – XSLT
  • Section 4 – XML Schema
  • Section 5 – XML Processing System Design Technology
  • Section 6 – Utilizing XML
XML Master Professional Application Developer Certification Requirements is to take at least 70 % scores to clear the XML Master Basic exam and the XML Master Professional Application Developer certification exam. It has 45 questions and duration of exam is 45 minutes.
XML Master Professional Database Administrator is considered that kind of certification that is recommended to those professionals who have confirmed and demonstrated the capabilities to use the technologies in XQuery and XMLDB.
  • Section 1 – Overview
  • Section 2 – XQuery, XPath
  • Section 3 – Manipulating XML Data
  • Section 4 – Creating XML Schema and Other XML Database Objects
XML Master Professional Database Administrator Certification Requirements is to clear the 90 minutes exam with 80 % marks, having 30 questions.
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