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Participate in CodeVita 2014 – TCS Global Coding Contest

Are you a coder? Do you want to show off your programming skills and test them against other coders?
CodeVita is here for you! This coding contest from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) lets you pit your skills against contestants around the globe. Get started now! Registrations are open for students from India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay.
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But first, the rules
CodeVita is a team contest. Each team must have two members. Each member has to register individually in order to participate.The contest will have three rounds of coding.

Registration details

Codevita is a global contest and in order to participate in this contest a participant must follow the below steps:

1) Create a profile on the TCS Career portal. (If you have already created your profile, please ignore this step.)

  • If you are a student currently studying in an institution based in India, register on the TCS Next Step portal. Ensure that you create your profile as a Campus/Off Campus applicant.
  • If you are a student currently studying in an institution in any other country (except India), then create your profile here.

2) Login to Next Step portal.

3) Launch the Campus Commune platform

4) Register for the Contest

  • Click on the CodeVita banner on the Campus Commune homepage to register for the contest.
  • Note down your secret code. You will need it to sign into the CodeVita contest platform.

5) Form your Team

  • Form a two member team to participate in the contest

6) Login to the CodeVita Coding Platform and participate in the contest

To warm up for the contest, you can participate in a practice round before the main event.

Look at the contest calender below  for details on the practice and contest rounds.

Note: For Indian students, the contest is open to students in the batches of 2015,16,17 and 18.

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