Popular Trends of Web-designing in the Year 2012

Web Design PosterPopular Trends of Web-designing in the Year 2012
With time, trends and standards change. Web designing is a field that undergoes changes rapidly, giving way to new trends and styles to be incorporated in the web arena. Year 2012 also witnessed some changes in the way pages, blogs and sites are designed.

Many trends fade away, and some other hang around still, giving rise to a new blend of old and new web designing styles. The changes help the field to expand and grow in a healthier way.

Every year new standards emerge, get enhanced, popularized, and gradually fade away giving place to new freshly blossomed trends and styles. To be a professional web designer one needs to be updated to recent ongoing trends to provide the customers and clients with fresh and unique web designs.

5 Common web-design styles and trends for the year 2012
Following are the common and popular trends that have been witnessed in the field of web designing in the year 2012.

Web Design Pattern1. A responsive style
This is the new emerging trend among web designers. It’s considered to catch fire in the coming years. Many of the web designers are still not acquainted with this concept of responsive web-design. By responsive, it means that the designers will strive to make use of fluid web layouts instead of the old traditional fixed width style that restricted the site to be viewed on a specific screen resolution. With the responsive web-designs, sites could easily be viewed on any mobile, tab or laptop screen.

2. A fixed positioned style of navigation system
This style must have been viewed on many personal blogs, sites and pages. This style was abandoned in the last two years, but its again rising to the surface in this year. With this concept, the links of the navigation system are packed in a place as the reader reads through the whole page. It can increasingly enhance site performance and gets merged with the webpages’ layout conveniently.
3. Menus with multi column
Sometimes, sites incorporate a lot of links that are difficult to manage. Because of this situation, the navigation system gets too chaotic and links need to be placed to the sidebars. But if links are placed at the top of the page, then the situation gets quite stable. This trend of multi-column menu keeps all the links packed together in a squared box somewhere near the website logo for an easier display to the visitors on site.

4. Info-graphics
Info-graphics have played a very important role in the experience of users on the site and content posted and shared on the pages. Info-graphics consists of tables, charts, graphs, images and animations that help the users understand the content more fully with greater ease and comfort.

5. Greater simplicity
The main purpose of the site is to make the reader go through the whole site in a quick manner. Cleaner and user friendly interfaces are the demand of the modern day web-designing. The concept of minimalism is getting strengthened leading to greater simplicity in designing the websites. Fancy details and decorations are out of the trend these days.

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