Remote Access (secure) through a Dropbox Account

Objective :
To access all your files ( even those which are not in your Dropbox folder) .To Execute a Terminal Command ( Remotely .. best for shutting Down the PC when you are away.) and many more …

Requirement :

  • Standalone Dropbox Desktop App.  (Download Dropbox desktop App from their official web site.)
  • Any mobile App which can connect you to your Dropbox Account  and has a decent text Editor.  I (for my Android) used X-plore : (Download X-plore for Android)

Python should be installed in your system. This could be done with 'C' , Java whatever… , but I am too lazy to code in those language after working on Python .

The executable files which can be placed in Dropbox folder for the magic to happen (of course you can write better than me, but still I am sharing mine ). (Download Dropbox_magic.zip )

Windows Users 
 Download (Dropbox_magic_win.zip)
 Rest is same :), But the command you need to run on the terminal will be of windows , like dir…etc..

Steps :
1. Install all the above mentions .( Create a Dropbox account which is obvious)
2. download the Dropbox_magic.zip , extract it (into your desktop's Dropbox folder ) you will get three files:

  • startup
  • magic.py
  • cmd.txt

    startup : Place this file as startup application i.e. make it run every time your system boots. ( or run it and leave when you are going away )

    magic.py : This files reads cmd.txt and execute the text . ( from moving non-Dropbox files ..
                     like mv Desktop/ratan.zip Dropbox/ ,
                     to shutting Down the PC with command shutdown 0 )

    cmd.txt : File containing the commands to be executed.
    That's it you are done . !!

Now , open you phone application . connect it to your Dropbox account .change the content of the file (cmd.txt) to remotely access your computer ..
Some of the code I tried are :

  • ls -all > ls.txt  ( this command wrote the result of ls -all in a file ls.txt so that i can see remotely all the present files and directory on my PC )
  • shutdown 0  ( to shut down my PC remotely ) and so many …

Screenshots :

1. Execution of startup as a process on a desktop computer 
Remote Access (secure) through a Dropbox Account 1

2. cmd.txt gets updated ( I tried with code ls)
Remote Access (secure) through a Dropbox Account 2

Thank you . Leave you comment if you have any issues đŸ™‚ Happy Coding ..

Source: http://blog.ratankumar.org/ (my personal blog where I posted this blog too! )

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