A review on HTC Desire HD

HTC Desire HDHigh Tech Computer (HTC) Corporation is adding another feather to its flagship of Android based Smartphones. The Taiwan based mobile phone manufacturing company had tremendous success rate with earlier launched HTC Desire. The company had doubled its revenues after being picked as official partner of Microsoft for the development of Windows based phones in 2009.

Thereafter it shifted its gears by handshaking with Google to develop Android based smartphones. HTC is also a member of ‘Open Alliance Group’, a group of handset manufacturers and mobile network operators that work towards the advancement of Android mobile platform.

External features

It is likely that HTC Desire HD will appear with 4.3” screen with OLED screen at a size of 68x123x11.8 mm. The phone easily slips into your pocket even though it is not as sleek as Apple’s iPhone 4 or Samsung’s Galaxy S.The phone comes with four physical keys on front of its body. They are illuminated when you are using the phone and are easily accessible. Power button comes on top of the phone and volume switch on the left side of the phone. The bottom of the phone comes with micro USB port and a 3.5mm headphone port.

Presenting audio jack at the bottom is odd as majority of phones sport it on the top. You can enter easily the SD slot and SIM area as they are covered with a separate cover. 8MP camera is fitted on the back of the phone and besides that comes the LED flash. Two speakers, one on the front and another on the back are fitted. You can always spice up the external look of your phone by using accessories, covers and skins by using skinit discount and hp 30 off coupon, (check author's link below the post) at a discounted rate.

Smooth Layout

HTC Desire HD rocks with Android 2.2 Operating System. The phone comes with new widgets, layouts and games. Sense UI helps you play with a number of home screens. The operation is so smooth and fast as is the case with Galaxy and iPhone 4. You will not experience any change in audio or video quality when your phone downloads in the background.

User interface is made friendlier. An extra icon at the bottom of the screen will help you edit various features without moving through menu options. Editing screen comes with many new features. You can find most recently used icons in the notification area and this makes you easy to access various features. The phone boots very fast and presents you the interface in just eight seconds when you power it on (without removing batteries).

Managing contacts & Messaging

HTC Desire HD sports greatest features through contacts menu. You have various options to download contacts from various sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or any other application. It provides hassle-free environment to synchronize all your contacts from various sources. The intelligent phone will search contacts for you automatically whom you might contact to add into your contacts list. Thus it reduces burden for you, understands your tastes and works for you.

The phone offers smooth calling experience. You can arrange conference and enjoy quite conversation. Video calling is not possible as the phone is not equipped with front facing camera. Different ways of messaging facilities are available and you can setup for the first time in a couple of minutes. You can manage multiple chats at a time through various messaging platforms. You will also get notifications when you get a new message.


Your browsing experience is made easy on 4.3” screen on a WVGA resolution. The phone supports HTML 5 and Flash 10.1. With this feature you can enjoy videos being played in web browser itself without the need of opening another media player. Audio synchronization while playing videos on YouTube has to improve. As a matter of fact, iPhone 4 manages videos without Flash. You can open multiple websites and toggle on these sites quite easily. You can share a website link with your friends through various channels like Facebook, Twitter and GTalk.

Camera and connectivity

With 8MP camera you can capture sharp pictures. The dual flash serves the purpose of both video light and torch. You can adjust various settings just like a normal camera. You have more space to store media files (up to 1.5 GB) and audio records will be played at higher quality by using Dobly Mobile, SRS virtual surround and equalizer. Using ‘ConnectMedia’ feature the device searches for DNLA enabled devices automatically.

Video streaming is not as blissful as with HTC Desire. The screen will eat most of the battery power and 1230 mAh battery will not give enough backup especially if you are a power user. helps you control your mobile through the website. You can divert phone calls and messages to other locations. You can track the phone’s presence from the website and help you nab the person when your phone is lost. You can also synchronize contacts to the cloud storage systems.

The phone has to improve on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Calendar is optimized not only to fix your appointments but also to be updated with weather information of the place that you are going to visit. HTC Desire HD has come with new applications, maps and games. For those who enjoy reading books, now it is easy to browse and pick from your choice.
It can be summed up that even though some new features are announced on HTC Desire HD, it should be noted that it has not added substantial value as expected by tech savvy customers besides not making improvements in battery capacity.

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