Review of top anti-virus software for PCs

Anti-virus, these days has turned out to be one of the inevitable requirements for the personal computer. With the novel ideas of hacking erupting every now and then, there is a need for a perfect information security system that has all your confidential information safeguarded. Reviews of the latest top brands of anti virus systems are as follows.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

An anti virus system that has all the required features of any good anti virus software, though advanced is simple in installation and usage. It is designed in such a way that it protects, prevents and removes all the malware that causes harm to the PC and robs you of your secret information.

The protection that the software provides is from all the traditional computer virus types in addition to having the capacity of detecting new threats. There is also an online download and installation facility that keeps you at ease. Its usage of iChecker and iSwift scanning technology helps in keeping your resources safe. The other features include a virtual keyboard, desktop security gadget which offers better access to your system security and gamer mode.

Norton Anti-Virus 2011

This brand of anti virus has always been on the forefront ever since anti virus software saw its light of day. It supports a number of browsers like Chrome and Opera, email clients like Outlook and IM clients like Yahoo and MSN messenger. This is also known for its simple-to-use characteristic and easy installation. It provides information security to the hilt so that the ones who know how to create viruses and spread it can never ever cause harm.

The most important feature of this software is the bootable recovery tool that helps in the fixing of a crashed PC. The advantage of Norton Anti-virus 2011 is that there is a Norton Safe Web for Facebook. This scans the videos posted by your friends for virus

Bit Defender Anti-Virus Pro 2011

The best aspect of this easily accessible anti virus software is its flexibility. It can work when controlled manually or automatically. The feature of the Bit Defender Anti-Virus Pro 2011 that is worth a mention is the inclusion of the Search Advisor that provides protection while surfing on the net using any browser.

Apart from providing all the features that a reputable anti virus software provides, it does all the optimization with the maximum speed. Therefore, it provides a complete information security from different types of virus. A specialty mode is also offered for the laptop which can automatically run even when the laptop is left unplugged.

ESET NOD 32 Anti- Virus 4

The latest version from the house of ESET NOD 32 Anti-Virus has a number of features that were missing in the previous version. From keeping your PC safe from Trojans, spyware and viruses this high speed anti-virus version knows how to prevent computer viruses at all times.

It is provided with a smart scanner that detects even the hidden threats that can harm your system. Along with the email scanner it also has the necessary system tools that help in the cleaning of the infected system effectively with the help of Integrated SysInspector and SysRescue.

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