Run .exe on a Webpage using Firefox

Firefox LogoAs I have showed in my earlier post How to run .exe on a Webpage but that code runs only on Internet Explorer. Here after the demand of my readers I am going to show you how can you achieve this task through Firefox browser.

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In the above code you can clearly see that in "href" attribute I am calling a user-defined function  LaunchApp() and functionality of this function is shown as follows:

In the above code you can see the use of JavaScript privileges API. You can add one line of code asking permission to enable a privilege that can allow your script to access your target.

In Mozilla Firefox there are certain privileges that are associated with specific targets, In our code we are using "UniversalXPConnect" privilege to give Unrestricted access to browser APIs using XPConnect. After assigning privileges just running your local .EXE file by using Mozilla Firefox built in classes. That's it just use above code and do let me know your experience about it through comments.

Source: Run .exe on a Webpage using Firefox

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