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Safety tips for mobile users

be safe while talking on mobile Hi friends, according to present scenario every people who are above 14 are having mobile (except those who can’t afford it). Its good thing to have to be in touch with friends and families but it may turn into devil if you misuse it either knowingly or unknowingly. So, its the right time to know that what we should do and what we should not do with mobile.

  • Only give your mobile number out to people you know and trust. (Specially for girls)
  • Don’t do any transaction through smart phone if password or any personal information is getting to be stored in your mobile.
  • Don’t talk rubbish or don’t harass anyone on phone, it comes under Cyber Crime. (while break up couples usually do so. So beware guys!)
  • Avoid, unless absolutely needed, connecting to an unsecured wireless network through your mobile (whici is having wi-fi facility)
  • Do not use your mobile phone to communicate with strangers. Only text and call people or businesses you know in real life.
  • Never reply to text messages from people you don’t know. (One or two messages you can do to know his/her identity, if possible)
  • Make sure you know how to block others from calling your phone. Using caller id ,you can block all incoming calls or block individual names and numbers.
  • Make a record of your Electronic Serial Number (ESN) and/or your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. You can find out your IMEI number by pressing *#06# on your mobile phone’s keypad, it will display a 15 digit number – that is your IMEI number.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, report it to your local police station and your network operator immediately.
  • Think about how a text message might be read before you send it. (Married couples may face many issues because of such messages. No need to explain i guess)
  • You should never give anyone else’s number out without their permission.
  • You should never take pictures or videos of anyone with your phone if you do not have their permission.
  • Do not allow others to take pictures or videos of you without your permission. Remember – these pictures and videos can be posted to the Internet.
  • Be careful if you meet someone in real life who you only “know” through text messaging. Even though text messaging is often the “next step” after online chatting, that does not mean that it is safer.

We follow most of the steps but knowingly or unknowingly we do such mistakes which leads towards Cyber crime. So, play safe, be safe and make the nation Cyber crime free nation. Source:


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