Smileys for all chat messenger at one place

Chatting is funNow a days, chatting over net is very very common. And use of smiley makes more sense than words sometimes. Specially when you are in sad mood, angry mood or in romantic mood 😛

There are many keyboard shortcuts to send smiley or emoticons and in almost all chat messengers it will be more or less same. Most popular chats are Yahoo, GoogleTalk (Gtalk), Skype, FB emoticons too (FaceBook is at world rank 2)

I will post images for all possible emoticons of most popular chat services that i collected from various sites. few are common to all messengers and few are hidden one like yahoo smiley for flag, rose etc. Gtalk is having three different tastes for emoticons: Classic, Round, Square:

Gtalk Emoticons-IGtalk Emoticon-IIFacebook EmoticonsSkype EmoticonsSkype Emoticons-IISkype Emoticons III Yahoo EmoticonsYahoo Emoticons-IIYahoo Emoticons-III

Enjoy All the Emoticons at one place. Happy Alien blogging !

Sanjeev Jaiswal

He loves web programming and security and co-founder of Alien Coders. He usually shares and helps engineering students and IT professionals in academics and jobs. An avid reader and quick learner.

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