Social media and SEO go hand-in-hand

SEO and social mediaLast 2-3 years have marked a unanimous growth of both SEO and social media websites. This rise should have, and ultimately has, sparked the debate on the ‘better option’. When it comes to the question, for online businesses, on which to rely more; SEO marketing or social media websites, they are perplexed.

Where as some experts are of the view that SEO is dead and Facebook and Twitter will write new chapters in online marketing there are people, who can prove that just top rank in Google is still not the crown. After long discussions what was drafted was that both the giant technologies need to go hand in hand where getting biased towards one can harm you badly.

Facebook’s fan page or twitter or FourSquare’s ‘check in’, which are considered to be the new age marketing tools might let people know about the brand you are trying to promote but still 80% people simply Google the product before buying them. This is the moment when you require SEO support to top the Google list. We need to differentiate between the Facebook search and Google search. Even if you find a company’s page in Facebook you still check Google ranking or leave that, you will still goggle to find more about the company.

When people ‘like’ the product on Facebook what does it actually do? Or how does it help in terms on online marketing. It simple brings the product in Google’s watch list. Here we are back to square one; Google. And that is what can be achieved when the website is strict on SEO. Just winning the race of ‘likes’ will not help until you have strong back up support of the website content in terms of search engine optimization.

Undoubtedly just stuffing the website with keyword content is not a good plan either. What penultimate preference is optimization and ultimately is traffic diversion. Businesses just cannot rely on fan following because ‘liking’ is not buying. You like what your friends do but that does not happen when you buy, you have a choice.

SEO, as is normally considered, is a medium to top Google search list; has one more work. SEO enabled website has sensible content. Think of the situation where daily hundred people divert from Facebook to your website but the text in it is crap! When they look to fill forms they have 10 steps to go through. That is bound to cut the conversions.

SEO is not dead and at this age should work compositely with social media websites. If you are business holder, you must take good hold of media websites but simultaneously your website should come up with SEO content not just keywords and links. Take care when traffic comes to you, you can handle it.

That means when people look into your websites or fill forms the process should be SEO filtered. The reflection that whey saw in social media website should be maintained when it comes to actual realization of the website; SEO and social media websites should go hand in hand.

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